Beruas MP Ngeh is a list of MACC asset confirmation list at RM80mil – Nation


IPOH: DAP's Beruas MP Datuk Ngeh Koo Ham (pic) says that it has secured a value worth RM80mil and not RM75mil as reported by the Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) on its website.

DAP consultant Perak said he had another RM2mil in a fund for his wife and his family.

A state assembly spokeswoman said there are two other assets that it is not yet to be told because its value has not yet been made.

"Since I'm not an acting lawyer, my company needs to go on to my partners. That sum and the value of my resources are still worthwhile," he said to a news conference after Named on the status of the state convention; sitting at a state secretary building on Friday (November 23).

Ngeh crosses the asset confirmation list, and then Professor Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, who has collected a valuable RM32mil asset.

Ngeh said he was not the most richer MP since some Pakatan Harapan MPs and Barisan Nasional MSPs still have their funds announced.

"God has been kind to me, and I value life as a series of blessings, and so I want to be clear about my property," he said.

Ngeh said he was a lawyer for 32 years, and had not been working for money in the last 20 years after winning his first RM2mil.

"I was working to add to the community. However, it seems that my archives have a huge impact on, and so increase in prices and profits.

"I am very dissociated from money because it does not order how I live. I live as a happy way and my freedom is simple.

"My RM6 still has been removed from my Indian brother near my legal company, but sometimes due to a lack of time, I'm going to a sausage that costs RM15 for me," he said. .

It was reported that Dr. Mahathir had previously stated that all members of the administration, including ministers, the rulers and political secretaries, had to tell their Prime Minister their property.

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