Besiktas Günes on Karius coach: "His motivation is not right."


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The loan change from the Liverpool Liverpool keeper, Loris Karius (illustration) to Besiktas Istanbul (dealing rightly to 2020) would hardly be the number left as a leader. Sport so it was just a daunting start for the native Baden-Württemberg in Turkey, who has now built Senol Günes with his acorns.

"Things are going wrong, he was unhappy," said the Günes Turkish media (known as "Sky Sports"). Karius is “talented”, but: “It didn't really work, and we have a problem.” Karius was guilty of several goals, Günes said. It weakens. "There's something wrong with my mind, inspire him, commitment to the game."

According to "Gazetefutbol", the coach said that even the man in Tolga had put out Zengin out: "If Tolga was here, I'll give him play."

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And the coach seems to see not only on the troublesome area with the German warden, to go down from the games in the Champions League final of the Reds the face of Real Madrid. The Karius also finds some difficulty in the team. "It was so from the beginning," said Günes. "It doesn't really feel that he has a bit of a crew, something we couldn't clean, and indeed I'm indeed responsible."

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As late as November, President Besiktas Fikret Orman emphasized the importance of earning a permanent job for Karius with a 15-year-old Turkish hero. “Karius is a great gamekeeper. If God says, we will determined to do it, "Orman said to the Turkish media at the time."

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Besiktas, as part of the loan, had opted to purchase for Karius. Last year rumors came about, and eventually Süper Lig's club to stop the loan quickly. "These stories are full of sense," said Boss Orman about the rumors. Previously, Councilor Karius Florian Goll said rumors were "absolute": "I wonder where that comes from. This message is entirely correct."

Orman wanted patience by dealing with the janitor. "Give Karius a little time, that's all I say. Karius has a lot of work to do, but it takes time." The visitor replaced Liverpool with Alisson Brazilian (26) as her number one. "I wanted a new challenge and a club where I can get my pledges every week," said Karius after the move to the "Son of the Sonnt".

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