Best Cyber ​​Images for Monday 2018: Nintendo Switch, Red Dead 2, PS4, Xbox One, Games, Films, TV, and More


Cyber ​​Monday is officially started and we look at the flashes you can pick up on the finals of the final day of this holiday time. To start, Targaid offers a 15% offer, and Best Buy also offers some appropriate methods. We have listed the complete list below with everything so far.

Why would we talk about Cyber ​​Monday 2018 when the Friday of God continues to & # 39; going on this weekend? Because these two day shops are very close to each other. Many hunters still recover from Friday's black Friday savings when Cyber ​​Monday arrives on November 26th. If you are, it would be best for you to port on Tylenol and hope online, as the Cyber ​​Monday issues are going on; come tight.

In terms of Cyber ​​Monday's special contracts, there is little notice at this time, although we have received some advice on what offer will be available. For example, Ebay sells "Week of Cyber", and it will deal with things such as Microsoft Surface Pro and a 65 "4K smartphone to start Saturday, November 24. More things to start on Monday, Novmeber 26, including Fallout 76 bundle Xbox One X, although its price is still to be announced. You will find additional information in our Cyber ​​Monday preview of what we already know.

Being seen as retailers can be seen; Leaving prices on various products on and around Cyber ​​Monday, it may be difficult to know if you're getting a & # 39; best possible agreement on anything. Below, you will find links that help you configure through the sale to find the largest available inventions. We will continue to add more links to how a new sale is published, and this will be done. This page requires the need for Cyber ​​Monday.



Targaid has still had many games and films, but the most important part of the Cyber ​​Monday sale is a 15% offer across the country. There are some important shortcomings, but it's still a & # 39; let you do your own business. This is even a & # 39; extended to deal with pre-orders of PS4 and Xbox One games as Resident Evil 2, Kingdom Hearts 3, and Just Cause 4

Best buy

The Best Company offers an early opportunity to sell its Cyber ​​Monday on Sunday, but now everyone has the opportunity to promote them fully. It includes a ton of games and movies, with many of the same prices as Black Friday, but not all the same.


GameStop has continued its black Friday that offers more engines for Cyber ​​Monday, Including tremendous offers. That includes $ 30 for Hitman 2, we could not see a discount every week.

Network PlayStation

Sony's digital PS4 games game store has lowered prices for Black Friday, and they run just through Cyber ​​Monday.

Xbox Live

In the same way, Microsoft already offers hundreds of Xbox One digital media discounts, with sales prices that have a " runs through November 26.


Steam's Autumn sales go to Tuesday, and # 39; give you a shorter time to get PC free games on everything from Dead Cells to Dark Souls III.

Favorite Places (

You can find videos on video and hydroelectric games in the Ebay "Cyber ​​Weekend" sale.


Nintendo Switch

You will find a lot of Nintendo Switch currently available, both hard-hitting (including some console bundles that will allow you to download which game or games you will receive), games and rulers. MicroSDXC cards are also sold, which should be fairly considered to be & # 39; selling the Eshop game.


Dead Dead Solution 2

Cyber ​​Monday has given fewer cases on Fallout 76 than we received last week, but some discounts are still available. That includes the "Ultimate Edition", which is much more likely because & # 39; And it's getting it to Red Dead Online early.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4

Mar Red Dead 2, Black Ops 4 does not see so much casualties for Cyber ​​Monday, but it still has a "#; offer out there – which includes just $ 38 for the PS4 and Xbox One version, which is within a best price dollar I've seen.

Map Unlock (Open)

Despite the recent release, we still see Fallout 76 greatly diminished. Cyber ​​Monday has continued to bring the best prices on the new Bethesda online gaming.

Hitman 2

Hitman 2. is what has recently been released and is already being mitigated. Compared to Fallout 76, it has not been discounted for Black Friday, but you now have the opportunity to get a discount – $ 30.

Guidance and Overview

Images we are already about

Here's everything we know so far about what's on sale on Cyber ​​Monday.

What is expected

To help you prepare for the craziness of Cyber ​​Monday, we have looked at what happened last year to help set out the expectations of this year's online food day.

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