Best Irish in the world? Schmidt is laughing at Hansen's claim


Dublin – New Zealand coach Steve Hansen saying that Ireland now number in the world and the World Cup was welcomed as a "ban" with the leader of the Six Nations shops Joe SchmidtSouth Westerly

Hansen – who will be a coach to pursue the second World Cup later the next year in Japan – he did a. evaluation after the Irish is hitting All Blacks 16-9 for her & # 39; Their first benefit at home on Saturday.

"I said at the beginning of the week that the best two sides in the world are to play together," said Hansen.

"Now, the team is the only number in the world."

Schmidt has been defended to be the first national team to keep the New Zealanders in use since France in 1995.

But he had not taken Hansen 's bids despite being able to do so. He recorded his second prize to his fellow men in four meetings.

"I think it seems like I liked a bit of an attack," said Schmidt.

"Steve and his team have a great respect for them to find it useful when they have been in the world for nine years.

"We are at home, they are at the end of a long range of games that travel around the world.

"Our great crowd was behind us because many things were stuck in our favor."

Hansen, who had a costly night when he spent € 460 before shooting it to Schmidt for four tickets, arguing that the Irish Cup was fond of the World Cup, although he said there were caves.

"They prefer Ireland but a lot of water goes under the bridge before it starts," he said.

"This is November, therefore, between now and then, there can be new falls and coaches. What we understand is that Ireland is reasonably going there . "

Schmidt, who has revived Irish rugby since he took over in 2013, includes three episodes of the Six Nations, and including the Grand Slam earlier this year, it is too close to an individual and does not run with it.

"It's a weird thing for us, we can control our performance," he said.

"Others can post who they are and who they prefer."

Schmidt, who had been working in Ireland's work, had been in attendance; Co-ordination of Leinster to two European Cups, do not play a ball when they asked if the players were entitled to his / her; how they liked to have a & # 39; go to Japan.

"You can ask Bestie," he said to refer to the Roy Best captain, sitting by him.

"But I'm not going to let it answer! The players live in a little worm at this time.

"Indeed, as I said, have been designated as World Cup grants … what are you getting really from there?"

Hansen, who said the team was "surrounded" and that the room was quiet, and said that an objection could be turned into a & # 39; going down the line.

"This will be useful because this team did not suffer much over the past three years," he said.

Schmidt was put forward as a coach in the future of All Blacks and it is said by the end of the month that he will remain once his contract is ends after the World Cup.

"It's a good coach but you can not do that without a good coaching team around you," said Hansen.

"Something that I know about being a coach leader when you win will get a recommendation and when you miss you you can smoke around something."

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