Best week increase. The number of measles has grown, 20 cases are added in Prague Home


Prág A further 20 cases of measles were added in Prague last week. This is the highest weekly increase since the beginning of the year and has reached the number of patients now in hospital. 126. It is based on information on the Prague Village Health Station website. The number of patients in the Czech Republic is almost four hundred, according to Health Minister Adam Vojtěch (for YES) this year he can be around a mile.

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“In the last year, 103 people were suffering from measles in Prague. Since the event started with measles at the beginning of 2018, there are 229 cases recorded and confirmed by Prague health workers, ”said the health professionals.

The disease spreads through the droplets and is very infectious. Period of measles is the incubation period, ie the time from infectious disease entering the germ from the first symptoms, seven to 21 days. Compulsory treatment is legal for going to hospital in the infectious ward and loneliness for seven days after the death of the breast.

Prague health workers have been providing these antidepressant measures since the beginning of last year in 1925 who had been communicating with the patient, 830 had to arrange a medical examination or quarantine. The Minister for Health has prescribed compulsory immunization for health professionals in some areas of state hospitals.

As well as Prague, the number of people involved in measles is also recorded in the East Bohemia Department, the Plzeňský and Moravskoslezský.

Why? Clear experts are evident in vaccination shelter

Experts believe there is also an outbreak of measles in the Czech Republic as a result of a reduction in immunization as a result of vaccine approval. Other causes are the removal of immunity received through some adults in some adults, or including disease from abroad.

In Prague, there are 22 children under five, 14 years between six and 19 years, 24 people between 20 and 29 and 55 between the ages of 30 and 49 who could be affected by defense. In the majority of cases, children aged up to five years are not immunized, and adults often have no evidence of immunization.

There is an acute fever of fever, cough, rhinoceros, photophobia, and co-operative red red. There may be white spots in the places around their mouth. Fourth to the fifth day, a red rash to pulse meat appears, beginning at the end and spreading to the face, throat, brutality and body. T

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