Beta Dreams will open its doors. This is all you need to know about


Chan e That Dreams is one of the titles that created more sound against the PS4 catalog which means he has to have to be one of his best games: Media Molecule wants the games Definitely and the editor to offer experiences, and from today we can start your word.

As of today, all those who have written to the British scrutiny newsletter by 7 December will be able to participate in the & # 39; beta dreams Your goal? As well as confirming that everything will work as planned, see how long is the imagination of the players going

The beta Dreams will be available in Europe, Australia, Middle East, Canada, Africa and the USA. UU and those of legal age can only participate. In addition, and including the objectives of the campaign, the story mode is not available.

The beta will take about 4GB, you do not need to have a PS Plus subscription and unfortunately, the only broadcast to be shown is the official one that will be prompted by Media Molecule as it is a project developed (you must accept the NDA to take part), although official forums where you can talk about the knowledge.

From that, we can take our creativity away.

Video dreams developed by Media Molecule

What can we expect from beta?

The idea around this beta is the players become familiar with the creation tools. Many of us have very few teaching courses to use. In addition, Media Molecule has added a few games, as well as access to the site.

The choice is there creating knowledge locally, though – at least in beta – the editorial mode with two local players is not available. In fact, the social activities and Dreamiverse, as well as the awards, are not part of the progress.


Now what we believe is to be preserved against the final draft. According to Media Molecule, that plan is You can continue with your projects when the game is full. If not, in fact, there is a technical error before publishing. Our progress and those on our character, on the other hand, will re-start the day of discharge.

Among the things we can expect in the final (and not included in beta) we see, tools, content, assets and non-ready. Indeed, although Reality Virtual is expected to be supportive, it is expected to run after the launch of the game.


If you are subscribed and you are not yet sent to participate in Dreams, did not threw the button: little by little they will add a lot of partners, so it is easy to analyze its & # 39; emails from time to time.

Beta Dreams are involved until 21 January. Lots of time to download their work, gain knowledge of the tools and even create some genealogy.

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