Bethesda can punish for unfair trade due to refusal of money for Fallout 76


Last week we talked about a consumer case that Bethesda Softworks received repayment for Fallout 76 despite having spent 24 hours in the game. As it happened, this is rarely: other players say that its company has a & # 39; They refuse, irrespective of the reason they want to submit the application. However, this behavior is not to be sent by Bethesda: as reported by one Reddit user, a Washington-based immigration company Migliaccio & Rathod LLP, addressing issues that include judgments on consumer rights, launching research suspects unfair trade.

Judgment with the comments on the internet, which's a? Most users repay repayment, fact-driven, according to the rules of your digital store, that you can not get back money for their & # 39; game if it's already left and loaded. Some of the players said they had satisfied requests, however, that the visibility of these successful issues meant Bethesda began to refuse applications frequently. In the form of console versions, it's even harder to return money due to our deepest policies at PlayStation Store and Microsoft.

A large number of insects at first are a normal feature of its company games, however, in Fallout 76 it was higher than its own. One of them caused 50GB of game data to be easily moved to download users again, and the other player became the unmarried player – and not This is just a fraction of the problems. Due to the best of the best situation, there are other technical problems and design errors that are afraid of many players from Fallout 76, it is & # 39; considering refusing to return money in Migliaccio & Rathod LLP.

"Most pigs and glitches are present in the publishing versions of most games, but Fallout 76 came out with a 56-gigabyte pattern, which became the starting point for more problems, – said Young Magician Solicitor Migliaccio & Rathod LLP Bruno Ortega-Toledo (Bruno Ortega-Toledo). – – Gamers who want to get their money back due to a large number of repellent shoes because they have already downloaded their game. So, they paid for a game that did not work and they had to wait for updates that would make the problems happen. "

Although Migliaccio & Rathod LLP itself says they are investigating, the company did not give any evidence of real activities, Eurogamer notes. Although his activities are not limited to publishing records on the site. But consumers hope that future lawyers will apply to a class action against Bethesda in court.

Bethesda has not yet rejected ideas. The company has a & # 39; trying to stop criticizing her by showing generous suffering: for example, he gave 500 adama to one user (this sum of fiscal money Fallout 76 can be bought for $ 5) after complaining that the game got a big short shift after it was released.

The situation around Fallout 76 made the players remember the 2016 disappointment – No Man's Sky. Then, in relation to Hello Games, research was also carried out in relation to suspicion in unparalleled advertising (early screenshots and videos did not show the quality of the version that was published) , but the studio did not make pain. However, he did not refuse to return money to Steam users. Some believe that Bethesda did not welcome Fallout 76 at his Valve shop just because of major return concerns.

Fallout 76 was released on November 14 on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The game justified 49-55 points on Metacritic, and its startup equipment in the UK was low.

"The game may have been the biggest out of the last few years, – Alexei Likhachev wrote in our review. – – It's not a lasting simulator, not a role game, not a Fallout – just a collection of ideas that are largely preserved, which are largely working and falling. Perhaps a few years later, Fallout 76's creature as Sky No Man, however, looks after big discounts a week after the release, you're doing. Understand that Bethesda is hoping to sell so much of the number of people. Copies that may be & # 39; cost the big name and scratch everything on it. "

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