Bethesda complains against a lack of communication 76


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Some fans are unhappy about the situation of the game that is currently very tight, but after a few communications from Bethesda Studios Studios, they have talked about Finally and want to & # 39; Complaints regarding lack of communication regarding game arrangements and upgrading. "We did not want to think that the rainfall meant nothing happened," the team said in Post Reddit Tuesday. "We're sorry and we understand that this is not the right way, and we will work to make a better bridge between you and the team at BGS."

The title of his first multi-player Bethesda Game Studios started fortnightly to mixed reviews with people. mentioning lack of communication and obstacles, but Bethesda has said that they listen to all the answers, as well as a number of upcoming changes in the next paper, which are scheduled for 4 December and Major improvements to performance and sustainability.

What next thing will include:

    • The players' Stash borders increase from 400 to 600.
    • Bosses allow more out of line with difficulty and level.
    • Players who are over to be finalized can be updated at their nearest map marker.
    • It was sent to the address; players forced to join Power Armor.

Bethesda has said that he wants to release paper notes faster and that fans update on what it is doing on Reddit and on an official website. "We would like to do these articles every week to make sure you know what the studio works because it is related to your potential questions, quality of life requirements your characters, or new features that they welcome. "

And they have also announced that the second update is scheduled to arrive on December 11, which is going to be & # 39; incorporating changes and special features to the game, including virtual settings for voice chat, player options over 50, C. AM. business time tweaks, and more.

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