Bethesda's website allows the personalized information of Fallout 76 customers


It's not a good time for Bethesda. Launched Map Unlock (Open) has been saddened, with complaints related to its sustainability; game and balance the features that are included in the organization of their game collections. The "Power Armor" version turned to a game with Brotherhood of Steel Brotherhood helmet and a canvas bag that was made a new place for nylon. Bethesda revealed a small amount of customer service users, and plans were subsequently announced to replace the canvas replacement to the nylon bags.

This should be a happy reason for the story, but there is a story about continuity as consumers say they were able to obtain the personal information of other customers when they made tickets through the system Bethesda online helper.

On Monday, Bethesda asked customers to visit their website to register an application if they purchased the Power Armor conversion of Map Unlock (Open)South Westerly

Some customers, after submitting the tickets, said they were open to the information of other customers.

It was resolved after a short short of the site, but user complaints still live on Reddit and Twitter. User Reddit Jessiepie said: "I get your support tickets on your Bethesda account. Now I know where you are living." Indeed , no b & # 39; Some users can view not only addresses and emails, but information on part of credit cards.

This is the latest development in the struggle after the box Get ready 76 who saw 50% game price at Black Friday sales, less than a month after launching. Left case Dec. 4 also controversy by "stealth nerfing" on several features and its; Introducing many of the new insects that spared games. Now, Bethesda may need to review its consumer safety protocols and deal with this latest genuine remainder.

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