Bethlehem in Kechnec adds wooden images in life size


In the home, they insert new fences to & # 39; the cemetery and the relief in the house that was sad.

November 18, 2018 at 11:53 AM TASR

KECHNEC. Bethlehem in Kechnec in the Košice-okolie area will add other wooden frames in life size. This was reinforced by Mayor Jozef Konkoly.

There was also a relief in that house of sadness.

There are about 50 cutting jobs in the town.

Most of them have a graveyard, which also has a graveyard; looking back to about 15,000 barley.

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Wood is close to everyone

Two shepherds and three angels are part of Bethlehem, who moves to & # 39; town every year before the Advent season from an art gallery all year to the cemetery to midfielder; town.

The purchase price of the new figures with Ambrahma and Golgotha ​​4170 relief

The author Ján Palko is a carragh-choille from Štiavnik near Žilina, who has been working for help from Golgotha ​​for more than a year.

"We want to deal with timber, because it is close to everyone. Despite religion, we try to give respect and say that there is no bigger person and there is nobody there
discriminatory against. We want him to be essential in his constant rest, "said Konkoly, saying he wanted to give his house sad and his cemetery too.

The work was self-help

The main front fence is also updated.

"It creates the creation of the world and of the saints that were, according to their work, to better or lesser your beliefs and beliefs and that they were rewarded to them, "he said, most of the work was self-help.

"Design is for a year or two, but for decades I'm happy because the old fences have given me still There are still belts underground – the ancient graves we want to keep going on order We did not specify the last word We will also work "It is said that if you want to find out who is running, town, go to the cemetery, and something has to be done yet, but the town already draws tours as it should be, "he said to the old-fashioned royal ruler since 1990.

All year gallery

At the graveyard in Kechnec, it was The creation of the first life-size wooden image in 2004.

Because they did not resist bad weather, they replaced them for a gallery of arts industry all year with ideas of life; town.

There is also a gazebo, under the line of timberwork with a Christmas and Easter fire, with which the flat is driven by 14 sides of two sides.

Although on one side they are showing their & # 39; cross, the others are the eggs, the rulers, the martyrs and the apostles.

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