Betis, Capacity Challenges for Games for the Europa League


An Betis, who has already achieved a qualification in mathematics for the next phase of the European League with a single match, has met some of the competitors who could be for around 32 of the competition. It is about it teams that fall out of the European League, after finishing a third in their own groups.

This is how it is Between Milan, Naples Fabián Ruiz, Galatasaray, and Bruges, who was previously aware of the fact that he would play Europa League. These are the fourth of the European League groups that have finished this Tuesday.

The other four groups will be decided this Wednesday. But, without the last day, there is already known Benfica The third one and so will be a competitive one. Valencia will also be third, although they are not able to challenge Betis in a European League tour of 32, because they can not play against teams from the same country.

Photo of 17 December

The photo of the tour is 32 the next Monday 17 December, with 24 European League nominated and 8 European League breakdowns. The removal arrangements will be carried out over two drums, with predictions Clubs can not be opposed to the same country or the same group in the first stage.

An hype 1 It will be done with the 12 party-level teams of the Europa League, and the four with the best score to come from the European League. An hype 2 It will be for the top 12 of the Europa League and the worst four of the Games.

Betis will play a & # 39; Their final match against Dudelange in Luxembourg on Thursday. The heliopolitano sculpture is the first time in those times and it's up to it to go to # 39; finished like this. Success or not; do what Milan is doing Greece is worth it against Olympiacos. He can only pass as a second to go to; lose or drag and hit the Olympiacos Gatusso. According to equal points, Setién would always be the first.

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