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There was no day Beto da Silva he decides to return to his dream Peruvian election. Even the regular soldiers, who have been bothering in the last couple of months, have not broken down their best wishes. "I knew I was going to be re-arrived and I was going out of here," he says that 22-year-old Peruvian is looking for peace. and indoors inside, such as bad luck, because of religious belief. "Since I have agreed to give life to God, things have changed better." Today life shows her the best way and she gave her a new white and white color. she is a devastate. He just has to wait for the moment he returns into the field. Although these details are not directly comparable with what they got to pass.

Why did you split up for Lobos BUAP?

It was a decision with Tigers. I wanted to see a team where I would have more confidence. I had been asked by Lobos technician and that was a good reason why I decided to sign it, because I knew I would have more continuity.

How was your change process in BUAP Lobos?

Good It's a nice club, very organized. The group is very nice and I was able to change quickly.

Alejandro Duarte is a great support within the team?

Undoubtedly we have become good friends. We always speak. And of course it is a support from the field. It is also important for my partner.

Alejandro Duarte in an interview with El Comercio said he has always advised you …

Well he knows that I am also there to support him. He will doubtless be a lot to talk, for he is a great gamekeeper. If it does not cover, this comes well with the owner.

Was Alianza Lima interested in hiring you during the last month?

In Peru, Alianza Lima not only summoned me but other clubs, but I chose not to return as I still have [capacidad] for playing outdoors and Tigres prefer me to play in Mexico to continue me closely.

Let you imagine a return to Peru as a kind of challenge … t

I don't think that is true, because there are many [futbolistas] that they have returned to the same age and have returned to live and return. t So I don't think it is a stop, but the decision made by Tigers, who wanted to keep me close.

Do you think Alianza Lima would have been betrayed as a message on Cristal Sports?

I don't see it like that, as he is players. In Crystal there were many good players. We don't have to do it. I don't think it's a case of provocation, because Cristal knows that it is my house. I am a club that I love very much. If I ever need to go to a different team in Peru, I can make because I have a lot of progress and I don't need it. Football has many things.

The huge number of attackers in Tigres seems to lead you to Lobos BUAP?

Yes, no doubt. Tigres are a huge club with very high economic power. So they have good players and it would cost me a bit more. What I needed at my age was to be the owner and chief custodian. I realized that it would be quite complicated because players had too much level. That's why I chose my loan.

What did you learn in the short time you learned with Tigers?

I always learn from each club that happened. I have been in teams and good organizations. I learned a lot on the subject matter and observed the top players.

With the rule in Lobos and the final visit against Pumas, did you ever enjoy football again?

There was a time when I was not. I felt lost, but I knew that this was going to change at a particular time and that I was feeling happy again. That's my turn now, thanks to God. Now I have a moment with this moment and I always try to keep improving.

Was it happy to be playing in previous years?

Yes, it was complex. I never had a chance. Every time I felt that things were going well, a little thing came into me. It was for that reason that it was difficult for me to achieve, but with God these injuries have already occurred and now I can maintain continuity. I hope that nothing comes in for me.

To what extent did you consider it to be a real problem with injury?

When I started getting them often. I have been hurt, mainly painfully. I didn't understand why. I tried to do everything without my being. He looked after me and was still with them; I would have used it. In each member I had prepared, I was afraid that something would happen to me. But hey, that's an old history already. I don't remember that. Now I am happy

Did doctors who examined you find out which sources you faced with the muscles?

I could not know the reason. I thought it was wrong and corrected in food cases and more relaxed. I think it was given and that bad injuries stopped. I am also thankful to God, for I can be healthy.

Did the clubs you experienced through this awesome experience dominate?

Everyone shouted out my hand. In PSV I was not able to injure myself so much. Then I could be more systematic. Strangely, how much would it cost me at the expense of it, not any football issue. I could not complete a game or training. In the other clubs they would help me. They tried to get them well.

Did you get mucked by the terrible sense of sorrow and the worries of their supporters?

No. Judgment will always exist. This is my turn to take a very different approach; Then I knew this was the case. Capable, I have created many hopes or have huge hopes, but that's more than happy. Every idea I try to take in the best way, because I know there are people who are expecting a lot. I just try and criticize the criticisms and positive ideas for my life.

Have you considered the possibility of retiring?

No, in no time. This is what makes them happy. I knew I was going to get better and get out of that. Other than that, I am very young. If a person is head-teachers, they will not be able to continue in this role. Thank you, I'm pretty strong in my mind and nothing happened to me.

► (After leaving Sporting Cristal, Da Silva had the following injuries: PSV: blow to the head, Guild: a human injury in the left mountain, the Argentinosians: the trauma at the side) t to the right, Tiger: injury with a bear t

How did your family cope with the problems that hindered you from playing?

They all supported me. They knew that this was happening at some time. Everything is left behind. Now I am trying to enjoy playing 90 minutes with no difficulty.

I have noticed that you are always putting God over everything. How has religion influenced you through this process, have you gone above this issue?

I am a Christian and a follower of Jesus. I've always given me a lot of energy. The first thing I asked was my health, health for my family and my son. When I realized that I had to change my lifestyle, I realized that there were things walking. I think that was a response from God. I owe everything else, because today I am healthy and I can live happily.

Since you are a person who is using religion?

Always. My father is a evangelist. We are Christ's followers and we believe a lot. Since I decided to give life to God, things have changed. I recommend many people to learn the word, because that is the way you enjoy it. I am all God.

So you got relief in God's word …

No doubt today I have a close relationship with him. Sometimes people think it's a healthy life, but it's the life you want. One of them gets pleasure and peace inside.

When you reached PSV you were very young. At that level, what do you think you've changed?

It made me have a lot of professionalism. Then the players are highly motivated for their role. I was a little bit more relaxed, but I became quite worried. I also had my first experience living abroad. I was very happy It is a club I recommend to anyone. It helps you in everything you did, but my decisions at that time left me out of the club.

How do you think of your time at Gremio de Porto Alegre?

During my time with Grem, I also made a mistake by leaving. It is a club with lots of history and great history; maybe much larger than a PSV. I was in a group that was very successful with good players. And in my time, for wanting cohesion, I finished and I started to leave a club that I can play many minutes from time to time. But I also had physical problems and they didn't let me follow the continuity I wanted. It was very happy.

Why did the young people of Argentinos spend such a short time?

Argentinos Young club is a club that I left a lot of want to be so fond of. They did not meet their commitments as pay matters and other external matters. Eventually I decided to leave that team, which was semi-organized. Same thing is a nice historical club, with lots of good players having passed through. Well, I wasn't given it.

Did he hit out of the last list for the 2018 World Cup?

He was injured, but I knew there were other players who were better off. I hadn't been eligible. I am young and I know I will have another opportunity. God remains willing to remain in the World Cup.

Have you lost your return to the national Peru team?

For me being the national team is the biggest. When I come here I'm very happy. It is a dream for a child. Now it is time to take advantage of this moment and I hope to take advantage of it.

Is this collection a new start for you?

It's not a new beginning, but I see it is a nice opportunity. I think the Professor Gareca has always won me. That has been made clear. He has always given support.

Have you ever talked about anything especially with Ricardo Gareca when you arrived?

We still have no time to talk, but he asked me how I was and how I came. It has a nice connection as I have known it for a number of years.

How do you assess your performance with the selection since you started so far?

I had to start young. My first games were very young. I think it was 18 or 19 years old. When I had to go in, I did it well and I was following what they asked me to do. To include something I include. When you leave a good image in one place they will continue to notice it.

Do you see yourself as Paolo Guerrero?

I see Beto da Silva, the man who wants to create history in the Peruvian team. Paolo is one; It's a bad person for everyone. God is willing, at some point, I can be at that stage, but I don't see them as a proxy.

Do you feel you have recovered your level?

I feel close and am getting over more and more. So that it can improve. I am still young and I have to take advantage of every time.

Have you made any personal challenge through these friends against Paraguay and El Salvador?

I have access to the website. One must earn. If I go in, leave everything at court and meet my responsibilities. And why not visit. That would be good.

Do you have any comments on the scandal with ticket sales by the FPF interim president?

The truth is that I didn't hear anything. I'm not aware of that, but I hope it can be settled as quickly as possible.

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