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More than two new HIV cases will be found daily

In 2017, 890 people were diagnosed with a virus virus (HIV), an average of 2.4 new diagnoses per day, according to Sciensano in his annual report. The number of diseases confirmed was 2% compared to 2016 and 27.5% compared to 2012.

Predictive outcome for Preventative HIV Pill
The number of diseases confirmed was 2% compared to 2016 and 27.5% compared to 2012.

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Men with men (MSM) and people from sub-Saharan Africa, have two numbers known as "at risk", which include a & # 39; Most of the new diseases in 2017. There is a reduction in the number of new cases in both cases. departments.

The happy way of known disease is for 71% of the new judgments in 2017. MSM was 49% of new diseases and the distribution of heterosexual communication for 48%. In the last case, people came from sub-Saharan Africa (49%).

Only 1% of the judgments in 2017 included the use of unusual drugs.

In addition, fewer screening tests were carried out in 2017 (-2%). A & # 39; proportion of new experiments 1.25 for each 1,000 tests. In addition, 36% of diseases were confirmed to be late.

The number of people receiving healthcare for HIV infection is a? gradual increase, with at least 687 patients per annum. In 2017, 16,070 people were involved in this. Of those treated in AIDS reporting centers, 99% received antiretroviral medicine with a high virologic degree of success, Sciensano. Thus, 97% of these patients had a viral reduction (blood virus in the blood) under control. Unnecessary virus is also unintentionally, saying the AIDS Prevention barrier in a statement. "A person who is aware of their status and their care can not be HIV".

In 2017, there were 18,908 people living with her; virus, or 1.7 people per person. Of those, 2,059 has not yet been confirmed, Sciensano says. These are the last ones, mostly, including unknowing others, saying the Platform.

It is a disease that brings out to a species; in HIV that causes AIDS (Syndrome of Insufficient Induction). At this stage, the virus weakens the system of protection and makes it more vulnerable to many diseases that are suffering; access.

In 2017, 56 AIDS statements were reported, bringing the total number from 1981 to 2017 to 5,084. From the start of the crisis and up to 31st December 2017, 30,778 people were diagnosed with HIV.

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