Between silence and attacks on Salvini. Left hand "swerves" on the bus


a bus on the fire, on board 51 children. Driving a man shouting: "Now I am destroying the dead at sea". Words that were obviously described in San Donato Milanese under the word "attack", and the hardship of terrorism put against the Senegalese Ouesseynou Sy. But the words of the Greek lawyer seem to not be enough to convince us that we are in front of a big bomb. The main concern on the left is the movement of the focus side to Salvini. It's certainly not the case that happened on thatdriver 47, not, for the left is Salvini. Have a look at the words Nicola Zingaretti. But the Democratic Party secretary showed just the internal branch: "Salvini goes through the difficulties but does not resolve them. Indeed, since we are struggling with the Italians, I am suspicious. T It's not the sort of thing that happens to them after the loss of yesterday You want to hide the most amazing truth, which is so in Italy, a sort of terrorism has returned after so many years. security for citizens and rather than spending days on rallies for your party I will ask the Minister to do something that will affect security t Italians.

We can only bring this choir against Salvini Gad Lerner a tweet of the poison helped not to use the terms in the interior: "The criminal error of the Italian citizens of Ousseynou Sy – which reads on Twitter – is the result of an invasion that reveals the intimacy of your immigrants t saying they deserve to deny human suffering and humanity ". Unusual words which really signify that they have completely gone down on the left, now need to deal with a bomber that comes from reception policies and open doors. And the broadsides will oppose the Ministry of the interior by Tuscany Enrico Rossi's ruler: "Hatred remembers fears – he wrote it on Facebook – and rebellion remembers a rebellion, cutting one to the other t by creating monsters. "Spotting is a reason. Politics should not use words of upbringing and discrimination unless it wants to restore rest and relieve security of all. The word must live together, conflict, mutual respect – return to the center of political and social and civil life. "And in this series of charges against Salvini, the Republican journalist Luca Bottura comes.

Describing the same thing Bottura I wrote on Twitter (sharing the news about the attack) with these small lines: "Senegalese is Italian; it is Italian," and this is the title of this news. The Minister is within racism ”. For those views which try to contain the sinks of the closed ports in Salvini and to not open the doors on the left to be added to the silence at Laura Boldrini and many visitors t A church which is currently in evidence before the invasion test results of the "generous" welcome in recent years, would rather be the quiet way.

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