Beul and the star in the "dean" calendar


Atlético is now well known to get an Athletics between 25 and 28 January, but he does not know when he visits Boca, one of the games called Superliga. Will it be in February?

Initially, it was likely to be in January. And yes yesterday, the Super League was published when some of the games played for playing this chamber. The competition will make its & # 39; Most of that month even if it's always tied to the pre-session.

River protection (dated 8) Saturday 19th and Union (date 12) will be given on 23. San Lorenzo and Hurric (13) will play on 20. In particular, a game between "Xeneize" and "Dean" dated 15, which should be played last Sunday, the Superleague said the 2018 Copa Libertadores calendar was saved (it will be Monday), it will specify a day and timetable.

With that situation, his / her Couple and his & # 39; Rest of the games hanged, mid-January watching for his & her; game between Atlético and Boca. But from the head that has sentenced to those who go on holiday and want to be great, but they can not visit her; the public. "We will definitely play in February," they said. The next week will be confirmed.

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