Bezos express on us to & # 39; shaking to hunt her generous crack


Saudi writer said, the Jeff Bezos phile was exiled
To ban Saudi Arabia, by encouraging the National Representative to arrest him, he returned
To "cover up the nationality scandal," says Saudi Arabia's name "panic
Avakin in the West ".

Bezos Bond who was a Washington Post Owner
The "Enquirer" newspaper, which has already been identified by the Prince of Saudi Arabia, Mohammed bin Salman and his accomplishment
On their homepages, please email it privately, by e-mail, to stop
A complaint has been politically inspirational, behind what she publishes or publishes pictures and co-writes with her schoolmaster.

Saudi writer Hani Al-Dhaheri explained his article
Okaz newspaper "Bezos, b" arrives unfortunately for wealth, but
Participating in sexual relations; His divorce divorces, from his wife, McKinsey Bezos. "

"The gift and the bad state are badly moving
To search for any paper, it can hide hidden before American people come, who do not accept it
Non-belief, and thus decided to take advantage of the Khashoggi case, for a & # 39; cover the scanner step. "

A virtual writer saw that "there was a good thing
It has been clear that the statement on Saudi Arabia has been in place; worrying the media
West ".

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He was the Managing Director and Chairman of the Board
Amazon, Jeff Bezos, said he had decided to write everything in his mailbox
Owner of the National Enquirer magazine
You did not enter into black and use.

In his blog that was posted on his page on the site
"Medium" Bezos said the company, by David Baker, had recently joined
A defense cover with the Minister; Justice because of the place in the "birth and kill" process on behalf
President Donald Trump and his campaign, recounting that he had also opened up inspections
Baker and his company for their work on behalf of Saudi government.

Earlier, the newspaper "The Guardian"
Bezos who own the newspaper "The Washington Post", which issued the issue on the issue, was published
Last year, the image of Prince & Crown Mohammed bin Salman has been on her; cover and hundred pages of its reforms,

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