Bezos showed details of selfless nude


Washington. The translation between tech titans and the marquee invades America: Amazon Jeff Bezos's headquarters, with 137 billion dollars fortune. 1 in the arrangements, which & # 39; The National Attorney General's complaint. The drama: Initially, the trends of Bezos's sex genre with Lauren Sánchez's television producer, along with the message of SMS thoughts, revealed. He cost him

But the genius can grow the political bomb that could exist: The contributor's publisher, David Pecker, is a friend of the US president, Donald Trump's e-mail site. He hates Bezos as a Washington Post owner, who will Trump fought every day through the shredder. There was a clear suspicion that Trump could abolish the Disasters' problems down Amazon Croesus. That's just what Bezos wanted to get out with the help of private researchers. Above all, how did the private newspaper get? And who was behind? The Enquirer responded with dubbing: Editor, Dylan Howard, said that Bezos would complete his studies immediately, and that later pictures were made.

Bezos ran to a species affair

Extortion However, Bezos went out public – with the face of Enquirer Boss and Trump cara Pecker: in a blog he published the blackmail, with all the most detailed details of sexting recordings explained. Example: "Mr. Bezos will be a shirt, his people with a pneumatic counterfeit against the zipper."

Bezos wrote: Of course there would be "tomorrow", but if he could not defend protection against such a few ways; fight, who else The most demanding question now: Did US information, possibly even on behalf of Trump, be involved in watching Bezos?

So Bezos replied to the bar

Jeff Bezos, the Amazon criterion, said the "Enquirer Nàiseanta": "Indeed, I do not want to show any personal pictures, but I do not even participate in their famous dubbing , their political receptions, political assaults and corruption, "said Bezos.

Do I love? The Bezos and TV star will keep pace

The business became the HEALTH image for the Amazon leader: left alone?

Seattle. Is the affair, which could cost Jeff Bezos, Amazon chief, the marriage and & # 39; maybe his half of his fortune, which has already passed? Bezan and Lauren Sánchez's helicopter pilot are not seen in 28 days, according to New York Post. Bezos may be to stop new pictures of the very romantic romance. Rumor is at the same time as the brother of Sánchez, Trump's supporter, has moved the SMS to his newspaper.

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