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The war is uncertain about Bezos to bring forward the network of Enquirer's relatives

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Jeff Bezos has a conversation with his & # 39; National Enquirer, including a battle to prevent opposing pictures, and # 39; placing a wool and those that are financially assisted in the test eyes, and # 39; writing Bloomberg.

Bezos, Amazon Chief Executive, has charged a National American Media publisher of trying to quit trying to retire with messaging and images that have been posted. expressed. A technological tycoon also said AMI's relationship with President Donald Trump states that the publisher has political reasons.

David Peker, AMI Chief Executive, is the former friend of the president, who often criticizes Bezos and his Washington Post.

AMI's capital financing manager, Anthony Melkyore, had a close relationship with financial money funded by his president, including a dinner at the White House in July 2017. Leon Kupperman's financing director and hedge funded financial support to the publisher.

AMI, Kupperman, and White House did not respond directly to requests to comment on the case.

According to reports that were shared on the blog Bezos, AMI suggested that the materials should not be published if it agrees to stop media research. Bezos has sent a post in his post, which includes a description of the pictures he wants to show.

News divide

Last month, Bezos and his wife, MacKenzie published that they were divorced. Later on that day, Enquirer wrote that Bezos had a relationship with another woman. In his blog, Bezos reports that the pavilion has "sent me close text messaging".

"I started researching to find out how these messages were received and explain the reasons for many unusual activities that Enquirer did," he wrote. "Any personal inconvenience that AMI can cause me to stay in the background If I can not resist such a position in My situation, how many people can? "

It gives a light on the friendship network around AMI. The company has agreed with federal authorities to investigate efforts to assist Donald Trump's campaign by choosing a US president, get and hide conflicts that are in place; related to "the engagement of the female leadership candidate." For one of these cases, AMI paid $ 150,000 for Playboy & silence, Charles McDougall, for his named trumpet.

"Catch and Kill"

McDougall's payments were part of the Peker agreement to buy Trump problems, and then he did not publish any of them – a user called "capture and killing".

Trump, Michael Cohen, lawyer, was guilty of helping McDougall pay for other offenses for three years in a federal prison next month.

Asset Chatam's Guide is the main financial support behind AMI. Years before Trump went into the White House, Melkyore capitalized in Peker and got around 80% of the last division.

But due to many difficulties last year, AMI had to raise more money. And Peker grew more remote. He received a Canadian journalist board, which is also supported by Melchiore's hedge fund.

Last year, Chatham said that he had been an AMI repository since 2010 and "is not involved in the business process of editorial or business decisions of the company."

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