BG Hot continued to invade Rayong 7-2, to guide the people, Polis a & # 39; burn 2-1, Battle 2


BG Hot continued to attack Rayong 7-2, bringing the people, 2-1 burning, 2

& # 39; & # 39; Rabbit Rabbit & # 39; & # 39; BG Pathum United Hot can be used again as a sergeant after they have started their first home match by Leo Avalanche, Rayong FC, 7-2, for & # 39; Eagle Army Blue & United opened their site against Udon Thani FC 2-1, politero team opened home to win the MOF 2-1, Samut Sakhon FC contracts, home to Ayudhya United to 2-3 parts to enjoy Thai Feng Honda won the local team to bring Ubon United first advantage. The season was 2-1 in the second season of 2019 in Thailand Premier League first leg on February 17, 62.

BG Pathum Unidos 7- Rayong FC 2

The second Thai Commonwealth, the Stadium Leo, is the meeting of two strong teams and is being promoted this year between the teams. The Rabbits & # 39; & # 39; BG Pathum United will open the home to visit. & # 39; & # 39; Horse Nil Dragon & # 39; & # 39; Rayong FC

The game started just 3 minutes. When you start the corner on the right, opening the middle of the door to the end of Chalermsak Akkam to hit the net to the BG Pathum United team for 1-0. When he lost the corner on the left, he turned into a special member. Then Uncle Nam got his case on her. block but went into the plane again.

BG Pathum United played the game better than 20pm when the ball came to the left and went to the United States. At Romulo Ball, the same rhythm with Barsta Daly, which falls into one web, 3-0 home team management

Rayong FC was still influencing its & # 39; a game near the cèilidh. PM 24 lost the goal again when the Saree Surachat was pulled from the edge of the right line to divide it; punishment. The last line opened, it was broken into the way. Pae Tung was completed for BG Pathum United for 4-0. The team tried to move the game to open but did not do anything right. The first half came to an end. BG Pathum United Rayong FC gave 4-0.

Second half, the team started to start and well. hitting the egg 52 from Chula Pa's visit to Rayong FC to come 1-4, but the 58's were removed again when Chowawat Tha Wirachart was on the door of her cellular disorder. And it was arrested by Mr Dan Rayong FC was finalized but went to Suracharee Saree, re-printing the second sword to guide the 5-1 home team.

The home team is still sunk. 62, which was rocked in the right corner. Chaoat Wirachat opened its first pole. B & # 39; Suracharee Saree, who was printed, and addressed, next to Barrosdale was the last stroke. Tung Ball Number for BG Pathum United to be 6-1, 64. Choww Chowwat Wirachat above when he got the ball from the opening of the right line to a penalty area. Capturing a & # 39; wall, turn, turn, run, before turning, taping on the beautiful network, & # 39; let the host escape 7-1.

The visiting team tried to "#; fight full time. 86 Keerati Kaew Nong Dang was finally left to open the second pole to the Chula Pa Pae Tung 2-7 site, but the finish was not ready. The BG Pathum United game went on to Rayong FC 7- There will be 2 win, 2 rounds of benefits, to keep the crowd in the second game

Regarding the results of other games, Samutsakorn FC had an impact on Ayutthaya United 2-3, Thai Honda FC hit Ubon United 1-2, Air Force United won by Udon Thani FC 2-1, Poly Zeteo FC 2-1 MOF United Subjects

BG Hot continued to attack Rayong 7-2, bringing the people, 2-1 burning, 2

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