BGO explained the underground "waterproof" tunnel 34,500 billion trips by failure


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Introduced in the afternoon tunnel 22-11, the reporter noted that the correct status of a white failure was held to the horizontal, just 4 points on the underground tunnel .

BGO explains that the route would protect 34,500 billion with a reserved failure - Picture 1.
The BEC defines the 34,500 billion tonnes of railways by fault - Picture 2.

Tapestries moved to the top of the tunnel

According to Le Van Bang (SN 1965, living in Tam My Tay commune), whenever water is heavy; Burn from the main road to influence the movement of local people below. More than one month ago, a group of staff carried and taped tapes to previously moved locations.

Mr Tran Van Vu, Chair of the People's My Tay Commune Committee, said the unit showed up repairs after seeing people. "I do not know how this greyhog works and is moving for what?" Mr. Vu.

VEC explains that the tunnel would protect 34,500 billion bits with movement failure - Picture 3.

People are worried about the acquisition of the unit

Le Quang Hao, Deputy General Director of Vietnam Company (VEC) – owner of project – said failure was used to prevent burning. According to Mr Hao, the summits were set out and the contractor sent the waterproof material. In the process of pumping non-defensive material, staff will Hold a tape to protect them, when the sika drives the failure.

BEC explains that the 34.500 billion trip defenses with movement failure - Picture 4.

This tunnel is Package A2

We know that the tunnel is astounded under the A2 pack with the construction company of Shandong Bridge Construction (China) as a construction contractor.

Previously, on October 28, BGO said on Da Nang – Quang Ngai a route from Da Nang – Tam Ky, there are 21 bridges flooded by water. good.

Da Nang – Quang Ngai Expressway built in 9-2013, 139 kilometers long, with a total investment of over 34.5 trillion dong from loans from the Japanese International Cooperation Group (JICA ) and the World Bank of Species (WB). On August 2, 2017, the 65km section from Da Nang to Tam Ky (Quang Nam) was implemented. A year later, on September 2, the remaining section was cleared.


Caismeachd Da Nang – Quang Ngai

Before the whole route was started, the Minister of Transport had been on the move; confirm and drop down to & # 39; speed fort "teller" car. Recently, the media found that there are many "potholes", "elephants" in the main road, especially in last year's corridor and water; dropping down the bridge, underground tunnel. On the Post-12th of October, the Ministry asked his & her; Transport stops taxation fees for repairs and before October 27 to restore it. We know that the highest Da Nang – Quang Ngai distance is 780,000 dong, it is 200,000 dong lowest.


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