BH Hospital BH opened banks for cancer patients; see how you give


The introduction of cancer medicine appears in a variety of ways of the patient, and including the fall of the hair. With a view to the self-esteem of people who face the rejuvenation of illness, Felício Rocho Hospital, in the United Union department of BH, in partnership with the NGO Fio de Luz , insert a pig whale bank to women whose hair is scratched through toxicologists.

Ana Luíza Braga / Hospital Felício Rocho

From here on, a patient can use the medical center that makes it comfortable to have a & # 39; insert the uterus to visit the seat, try it, pick it and bring it home. Approximately 20 uvs are available for testing and submission, with replacing demand. Recalling that this is a contribution of this product, without cost, and does not need to return after the end; cure.

Ana Luíza Braga / Hospital Felício Rocho

Your first patient may be & # 39; Feeling better with the new vision Fabiola Neri, one of the women who tried the test, says: "You throw your hair together, It's perfect! It's the feeling of my hair again, and it's not like a wig. And it's also interesting because it's free. Many people have money to buy uige like this, because it costs an average of R $ 4,000. Of course, such a gift makes a lot of difference and build on our self- considered a lot. "

Ana Luíza Braga / Hospital Felício Rocho

Learn how to help you

Do good, do good! If you have a hair greater than 20 centimeters, you can help! From opening to Bancaig, the hospital will be the point for the contribution of hair. All items collected will be directed to the NGO Fio de Luz and converted into bullets. In order to do a good, just look for a Clinic Oncology, at Aimorés Street, number 3580, at Barro Preto.

NGO Light Light

As an example of co-impartiality for others, the NGO Fio de Luz has donated blood grants to oncology patients since 2017. All work is voluntary and he / including to & # 39; catching and making the pieces to be handed over to women whose hair was brought to the attention of cancer. Currently, the NGO works at Rua João Monlevade, a number 35 in the Santa Monica community and has 400 units capable of making it monthly.

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