Bhietetel is ready for a 5G test in 2019


Mr Cao Duc Thang, General Director, said:Viettel is ready to take part in the 5G test in 2019. We hope that there will be approximately three times for Viettel and other operators to prepare appropriate equipment, frequency response, which is expected to be used by the MIC for 5G. "

Not only that, Viettel also investigates and e # 39; 5G station equipment. Viettel has set up a research team to develop 5G technology since 2015. With its knowledge of developing 4G eNodeB and a major network, Viettel aims to focus on a 5G research station. In particular, the main technologies of the product show their quality assurance and performance of the product, and exploiting the experience gained during the research and development of a 4G founding station.

So far, Viettel has achieved advanced results: which funds key software technology for 5G devices; master of the hard-haired block transceiver design; Software design master for corporate shelter for 5G machine.

Viettel is carefully prepared to use a 5G test

Viettel is carefully prepared to use a 5G test

With careful provision and the benefits of other telecommunications companies, Viettel aims to complete the 5G platform station test by 2019 and test the 5G network by 2020. ready to abandon the product by 2021.

The 5G network will revitalize speed, stability of handsets, eliminate the distance between fixed speed and wirelessness, and allow the wave of technology, applications. , addressing the challenges of any at any time, anywhere, a & # 39; link everything.

At this time, Viettel has a devolution in designing and writing. creating a 4G broadcasting station as well as important components of a 3G / 4G basic network such as a food system, boardboard, site rider traction … used in Vietnam. South and 10 markets in Viettel abroad. In addition, Viettel uses IoT, AI, data platform and Smartcity to use and share applications with partners and customers.

The fifth generation of mobile phones (5G) packing up to 10Gpbs, 10 times faster than 4G LTE, is less than one hundred percent, and its # 39; Supports up to 1 million machine per km.2 the connection platform for the Business Version Frame. In the United States there is a 5G narrow network; trading for a non-connected service, it is expected that a 5G network will be officially launched since the end of 2019 and early 2020.

5G network architecture incorporates 5G and 5G original states. After coordinating and using 5G networks, the first level will be & # 39; using 5G stations and re-use main 4G networks with a frequency of less than 6GHz. In the architecture of telecommunications network, broadcasting stations are the most important and most difficult part to be developed as they work directly with a radio device, which has a quality assurance and customer experience. service. As a result, only 4G and 5G are around the world, including Ericsson, Huawei, Nokia and ZTE.

After 3 years of research, Viettel has achieved advanced results such as:

Master's main technology and software for 5G equipment: new channel / LDPC channel technology, MU-MIMO signal modes and signal process technology. Hard master design for frequency increase transceivers. Master of timber software design for 5G devices.

The information will illustrate the 5V Viettel test test in 2019, check the attached file.

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