Bhutnamians: brutal captain Sport


The name of a club in Hanoi, but Van Resolution needs to get a lot of mixed ideas when you go to the competition. 2016 ASIAD expects success to help more and more; This buzz in Vietnam's shirt is at the AFF Cup 2018. But so far, Van Decision remains silent.

At the AFF Cup 2018, Van Resolution did not expect Park Hang Park out of his / her first place in a specially important game with Malaysia in My Dinh's garden. Without a written statement, the Reds were still unique and won 2-0.

In a game against Myanmar, Van Resolution was sent to the Corseisia South coach to return to the startup fight. However, the team of Vietnamese team was well done and was immediately taken after the first half. In 45 minutes of the range, the number 10 strip does not leave any important signals.

Like Van Quyet, Luong Xuan Truong had a long time in the park. Before being arrested and played hard by Myanmar, Xuan Truong's position was attacked on his face. first half and stopped Park Hang Seo for the runner-up campaigners of Hung Dung on the field.

In fairness, other Vietnam players competed in a rounded degree in the & # 39; this game. There are a number of very good people such as Ngoc Hai, Van Duc and Van Toan. It is also easy to understand when this Park Hang team met a huge challenge from Myanmar homeowners.

Particular clouds of Vietnam players: South Westerly


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