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Properties of Tuš Holding's property gained Engrotuš.

Blood Tush Record Keeping hold of Engrotuš, based on the news of Ajpes. Selling this was a source of insurance on property by Tuš Holding, while Treasury and Siola conducted a tax check. Tuš Holding's statement that the decision is provisional and will not affect the Engrotuša business.

The financial management of the Slovenian Republic (Furs) at the end of February is in the ownership Mirka Tuša Tuš Holding, sole owner of Engrotuš, has paid in lien for insurance in the performance of his tax liability in the sum of EUR 6.53 million. Last week, to ensure tax debts were discharged in the sum of 7,996 million euro, Tuš Holding was 100% insured by Engrotuš.

This has been done with a number of Furs due to a tax investigation, which was introduced in the middle of the last year and has until now shown that Tuš Holding paid the country an eight million euro today. that writes portal Siol. According to the Furs, it is suspected that the company looked worse than real, and thus avoiding taxes, it is also researching the year 2016 when selling Tuš Holding Tušmobil.

"Sight is the tax"

Tuš the Finance explained that this tax duty is an enabler. “Tuš Holding has a tax audit of taxation. The decision in this procedure is not yet distributed and is not final, and the decision regarding insurance or the tax audit record has not yet been issued to the company. contributed to the newspaper.

FURS Author: Saša Despot

Sasha Despot

"Tuš Holding shows the owner a loan, which the owner has to repay at a re-sustainable rate, which has not yet happened. Loan repayment is an important part of the t Since the company is committed to repaying all funds returned to the bank. After that they told the company.

According to these early rules, Furs thought that Tuš Holding had written the loan to the owner. "With the results, the company agrees completely, because it's a misunderstanding of the truth," they noted and commented that it was not true that Tuš Holding had canceled the loan as it would be a breach of the agreement on the recording by banks.

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