Bianyu supports the "one country" applicant who is committed to being a strong support from the Cai – ETtoday News Cloud government

Bianyu supports the "one country" applicant who is swear to become a strong supporter of the Cai ETtoday News Cloud Government

▲ Former president Chen Shui-bian. (Photograph / Narrator Zhang Yizhong) Political Center / Expressive Statement The former President Chen Shui-bian on the 30th on Facebook "Chen Shui-bian New Brave Story", listened to candidates for "one country on one line "of the Taichung district area, asking everyone at the end of the year In the election campaign, mid-national ballot supporters, democratic ballots of national sovereignty, defended the route for a Taiwan rule in a state, and they were promised to be a strong support for the government of Chai. Chen Shui-bian said "one country is connected to one country" and its " recommend "Taiwanese mainland, one country and one country" and "a smooth case as a political event and should be revived"; "no connected country" is a political party, or a struggle, and not another. The political group, but a variety of ideas and co-integration of forces; justice, and empowering the conviction and confidence of Taiwan's people to become the country's masters and refusing to be ruled by the Communist Party of the continent. Chen Shui-bian said the mainland literary species have been scared, and is strengthened by the people of Shang. But Taiwan's people are not scared in an unfinished way, and the voice of "one country at one time" is even more so. In the election campaign at the end of the year, you will be fully supported by the candidate for parliamentary elections, use the votes to protect national sovereignty, and keep justice judicial review, and terminate Taiwan. To the bridge road to a normal government in the Taiwanese state, and its vote becomes a strong support for government. Chai. ▲ List of prospective members of a country in the Taichung Town constituency. (Picture / out of the face book "The new strong story of Chen Shui-bian") "I have something to say …"

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