Biathlon dot overseas. Mixed relaxation was good, noble, Czech women went to sixth place


Czech Biathlon / Petr Slavík

The mixed relay closed the trip completely overseas in the cup lines and, usually, had its first two parts with men. A 20 country country was built, and in the first hunting line eight of them were completely quest only for recycling. Among them was the Czech Republic, and Schlesinger even showed all the fastest. He was then held in the face-to-face area where the lutewarm speed was Saturday Fillon Maillet

After stopping off where new charges were not needed again, the French went out with the German Lester. Schlesinger killed Nero for the second time and gave the relay to 4th place just behind Norm Christiansen. "I felt good about the two things, I was not scared to be faster and all the targets were caught. My catering was already a blood, but it was damaged to put Bimb in good location, "wrote to the Slesinger television camera.

Michal Šlesingr at the mixed repeat in a soldier's soldier.

Czech Biathlon / Petr Slavík

On youth teams, J. Boe Nora made his first line of the second division at the top of the race where three strong were created when they left the hunting field. However, Michal Krčmář migrated a homeland, put all five areas to the goals and held the fourth place in front of a Russian Loginov mission.

The hotel was running

From the first trio, b & # 39; The Boehringer can handle the unsupported success, and the Tanker was needed separately. "I did a bit of a rifle after an accelerator, but I did not risk it, and it continued," said Krčmář, who was a good knowledge and personal meeting with him; lottery that came from the woods to the way.

Michal Krčmář at the mixed relay in the Soldier Hollow.

Czech Biathlon / Petr Slavík

In the middle of the ethnicity, the Czech Republic led to 4 on Nora, a & # 39; SP guidance with a 26-head leader in France over the last two kilometers. The third is a man; Germany, from which the half-minute brokerage producers.

However, Eckhoff had renewed hopeful three-way, and was even worse for Norway, she had to go into penalty. The sovereignty was taken over by French Aymonier, who was in charge of the incredible German Hildebrand at the end of this section.

David has been recycled twice …

David broke the blade clean, but on the wall he was then repaired and she succeeded. best and faster than the Swiss Gasparin gasvisin who was still trying to stop the third Norwegian. David gave her eight seconds after her fifth place. "The men did it well, and I'm sorry that I made two injuries in the right environment, and then it was a bit stiff," said David.

Marketa David at the Relay Mix & # 39; Soldier Soldier.

Czech Biathlon / Petr Slavík

The Chevalier rule was the last part of the rifle, and did not have to restart down or down the stall, keep the opponents behind. So France gave out its impact. at a relay mix; Previously held at the beginning of the season in Pokljuce. Germany was brought in with money, Röiseland, a Norwegian fast-pacifier, made a mistake. case on case.

… Puskarčíková five times

Puskarčíková had two marriage rates on the way, but as Swiss Häcki was going to go to her, and on the other hand, Sweden Högberg was beautifully captured, the three conversations that were presented for her & her; fourth place. The worst one was Puskarčíková, who wanted the greatest number of puskarčíková, use regeneration and did not even run the campaigns. "I did not know how bad the burn was at the relay, I was weird and I'm so sorry. It was certain that we were able to play two places for us," she told her.

Despite this, the performance quartet changed the best Czech product in the last three years; , which was the 6th place at the SP in Kontiolahti in March 2017. "I have to say that the final situation in the six scenes has been realized. The boys went well and worked hard on skipping. Makula was keeping up with the hunting field just like each man did. Echnik was very hard on the way, so the blow was very heavy, "said the assistant Jiří Holubec.

SP in Biathlon – Mixed Band Soldier Soldier
1. France (Fillon Maillet, Desthieux, Aymonier, Chevalier) 1: 03: 51.4 (0 + 3)
2. Germany (Less, Doll, Hildebrand, Hinz) +13.5 (0 +6)
3. Norway (Christiansen, J. Boe, Eckhoff, Röiseland) +1: 02.2 (2 + 11)
4. Swiss (Finello, Weger, E. Gasparin, Häcki) +1: 31.2 (1 + 6)
5. Sweden (Stenersen, Femling, Andersson, Högberg) +1: 59.7 (0 +5)
6. Czech (Šlesingr, Krčmář, Davidová, Puskarčíková) +2: 12.9 (0 + 8)
7. Russia (Povarnicyn, Loginov, Kuklinová, Vasiljevová) +2: 41.3 (0 + 7)
8. Austria (Leitner, T. Eberhard, Schwaiger, Rieder) +2: 48.5 (1 + 8)

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