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Bich Phuong and creative director Denis Deng have made an unparalleled share on the personal page when the MV "Sister Lifted Up" takes care of her & public today due to detail of the problem. education.

So, Bich Phuong put many people trying to take the element of "touch religion" for his musical materials. Especially, in the MV "You Lift Me Up", it is said that some of the scenes in the MV have a critical impact such as " Picking eggs from Easter, arrows to & # 39; fired, scratched like the cross or body of the Mother of Mary, but screaming the dragon monster …

She said about the eggs in the MV, as well as her knowledge and her team, eggs that contain eggs, plastic eggs, chocolate eggs are decorated outside patterns. The eggs are raw eggs in the eggs. It is a pair of yards in each egg – the male character has been badly injured and its; KiNa's child refuses when she knows she is pregnant. Although Bich Phuong was angry and unhappy, Bich Phuong's character allowed KiNa to come and feel more comfortable, without any religious influence.

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The image was criticized in the MV

On the archery and burning a cross, Bich Phuong said that anyone who looks at the MV knows that he is a pussy strawberry; in burning and killing things, not a cross. Air Bich Phuong to be established in the MV, she discovered that she was a woman, not Mary. She asked her to wear a uniform with Mary's image; means that she was converted to Mary. So the singer did nothing to crush the image of Mary, as well as to burn the image of Our Lady in the MV.

Regarding the image of her sister who gave birth to a baby's dragon, Bich Phuong said the dragon is like a symbol of strength, which later protects the girls, not monsters. And Bich Phuong in that vision is only a sister to give her sister and she will not change her mother to carry dragons.

In terms of Denis Deng, the director of MV, he said, when he joined the creative post, he always considered every story that was written in a world of visual language with all levels. Feeling happy, sadness, happiness, suffering, disturbance … He also argued that there was never room in the world for blasphem or crime.

"When Bich Phuong and Cookie Tien were assigned to create a world for" You built me ​​up ", this principle has not changed. That's a world of multi-color world between Vietnam culture and. The world is a woman's spirit of a woman, trying to talk to a serious phobia, a single disease, a single mother, a mother … "- Denis Deng said.

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Bich Phuong liked everyone to see the MV with a simple spirit and a simple thinking

Bich Phuong stressed: "In 7 years, Phuong always believes that the person who never used the film to look after, especially with the song by humanity message as This Phuong and his team have never been using religious attention. I hope the above definition goes to the people who need to hear it, and I hope that You believe in the positive messages that are just amazing Phuong wants to put. This life is already too tired, let's set theory and talk to each other and be Thinking about just doing everything for it?

Bich Phuong is the second person who criticizes religious beliefs with images in the MV. Prior to this, MTT Son Tung with the MV "Run Now" was also circulated considerably when there were some scenes that said it was a monastic flavor in the MV.

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The image in the MV "Run away" by Son Tung MTP was criticized for religious crimes

"Lift Me Up" received a lot of praise from fans for a new friendship theme, pop-up music Moombaton is fascinating, fashion and the icon is well invested. This is also the last MV in the "Vietnamese Vietnam" project that Phuong Bich and his team have been in a position; confidence over the last two years after "Talk together does not hurt my heart" and ""

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