Biden accepts his & # 39; a German shepherd called Major


"We are delighted to welcome the Major to the Biden family, and we are grateful to the Delaware Humane Society for their work to find homes forever for seals and many other animals," read from the Bidens, who added to the former president, his wife, Jill Biden, and Champ, their other German shepherd.

The Delaware Humane Society announced adoption of Facebook newspapers, which writes in a position that Major "comes from a German shepherd's puppy rubbish that has been donated and not to & # 39; do well at all. "

Once Biden had "winded them," he "went out," said a & # 39; Facebook group, saying, "The rest is history!"

The Bidens had been nursing Major, said her; group on Facebook, thank the family and thank you. wished them fortune with their new pet.

"Today's lucky today! Not only did Major find his home forever, but he was accepted by Deputy President Joe Biden and Dr. Jill Biden! " the post said.

The 2020 biden candidate is considered to be a leading democratic president. As a post-president, he would give life-long animals of his other dog, Champ, to children. Champ also hosts his appointment in Washington, DC, from time to time.

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