Biesmerée: waste dumped for 23 years with the technical service of Mettet



At least 23 years, litter will be dumped on the site of the old quarry in Biesmerée at risk of all environmental and even legal considerations, featuring Le Vif. For the local Ecolo, this funny information needs clarity and a quick response.

According to Vif, Mettet's domestic tech service, dating from 1995, is on the site of its website. quarry in Biesmerée rubbish that is intended to manage improved treatment channels. On the site, there are stones, embedded concrete pieces, cuts, asbestos, hydrocarbon, biotarman, tires, sludge cleaning ditches, slip cleaners, truck brush, etc.

"But, since 2000, the police had been using this irregular use of the quarry with the town of Mettet and the politics were endeavoring to complete these practices. which can be seen from a sad report by the communist director of the comune that was written a few weeks ago and named by the Vif."

"During the election campaign, we have said and again that Mettet could not live, with political practices in the twentieth century, ensured that new and advanced new management was essential compared to We always did like it. The information published today goes beyond the fear of us, they are unsuitable " Bénédicte explains Rochet and Philippe Lesne, general general advisers of Ecolo.

"Bourgmestre Yves Delforge shows a legacy from the last. How can he say when he has been at the College for 18 years? It is clear that it is the responsibility, in terms of its political group and the other organizations that have managed Mettet for decades. Strong action needs to be done very quickly. As new elected officers, we intend to apply to the College this December. It is essential that the light is made on each one's responsibilities and in particular that solutions have been implemented to revitalize the site " Complete the two chosen ecologists.

However, BP Walloon Stéphane Hazée has already decided to put forward the Walloon Minister for Environment, Carlo Di Antonio, for a quick recital from the Department, both in terms of & # 39; celebrating and reviving the site not only by considering legal obligations that may exist.

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