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Fantastic Brooches: Crindelwald Crimes are a fun entertainer full of Easter eggs, but their casualties are suffering some brilliant issues.

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The characters

Eddie Redmayne continues to & # 39; doing an amazing job that shows Newt Scamander, an unusual person, who's a which is so clever and happier.

In a movie that is overwhelming with a lot of characters that have too little screen time and development, Newt is one of the only characters that appear to be; get a steady measure of a drive and which is too strong. It is "not doing" because it attempts to continue to continue. focus on its work and personal goals. At the end, it will be & # 39; Choosing, acknowledging that there is no choice in a world that is at risk from Gellert Grindelwald; to live indirectly. This is an important world-wide lesson that promotes the resistance of crime and victimization. At the same time, Newt still has a remarkable chemistry by Jacob Kowalski at Dan Fogler. Their scenes that care and work with Nifflers, Bowtruckles and other magic creatures are still enjoyable.

It is allegedly that Newt, Jacob, and the sisters of Goldstein, Tina and Queenie were very special and easy to use in the first movie, making it unhappy that they do not have four of them; brings together scenes in the sequence. It was said that this is the new main body of this series, but they are largely split throughout the film. It's also a disappointment even though it's a & # 39; Finding religion and mystery of its identity that affects its & # 39; Most of the films, there is not enough screen time for its character.

Out of the characters that have been introduced, Leta Lestrange appears to be bigger. Fantastic Bees and Where to find them emphasized Leta's weight and his relationship with Newt, and the sequence did not disappoint his continuing course. Zoë Kravitz plays Leta as an individual who is investigated through exiles that give a great insight into his character. It is both corrupt and wild, all the time painted with a mistake, a family history, and a struggle to respond. In the hogwarts scenic games, it's up to date to see Slytherin who threatens Gryffindors instead of the other. It is also beautiful in these scenes to see how she and the Newt connect overseas.

Despite the different roads they have given as an adult, there is a strong strength; That butter is still in place because Letm and Newt get chemistry immediately in & # 39; Their first appearance at the British Magistrates Ministry. Thanks to the accomplishment and writing of Zoë Kravitz who is doing his charitable justice, the last sacrifice of Leta can revive fascinating by observers. As Slytherin and Lestrange, her grindelwald would be easy to support her, but instead, the movie was a lot of interesting way for her character.

ZOË KRAVITZ as Leta Lestrange in the adventurous adventures of Warner Bros. Pictures "FANTASTIC BEASTS: THE GRINDELWALD CRÌOCHAN," which provided Warner Bros. Pictures.

But the biggest reduction of the film, Johnny Depp's work is Grindelwald. Sharing Disagreement is already struggling to have a & # 39; Introducing this important part, but it does not make it worse because it's a bit; Failure to make Grindelwald an attractive and positive one. He is thought to have been a master of deficiency, but there is no point in which the listeners feel that they have their arguments or personality.

This was a great deal to destroy the story of Queenie Goldstein. For nearly a year, many fans had a detailed understanding of the guidance that would have her character in this story. The problem is a bit of a hard drive to buy into your friendship; because Grindelwald has never come out how it is sensible or logical. If there is no proof of fans, it's hard to believe Queenie is sure that Grindelwald can create a world where she can marry Jacob without a result. In addition to the story of Queenie's stories, grindelwald is not just enough. Often there is a likelihood to remove your pipe and did not install enough money to go to; bringing this fascinating character into life.

Connections to the Potterverse

The film appears with many connections and eggs; Easter. Some are well-integrated and fascinating. Grindelwald describes "For the best thing", the motto he himself and Albus Dumbledore would have; believe that would allow them to get bigger schemes. This phrase was subsequently carved to Nurmengard, who could be a jail where Grindelwald would have; spending his rest of his life and where Voldemort could kill one day. Listen to listeners! See Nurmengard for the first time in the days when he did not; It was a jail but it was still Grindelwald's castle and a job base.

Musicians also met Nicolas Flamel for the first time, and even a scene of the Stone of Philosophy is the home, which is the source of its death. Jaime Campbell Bower – Grindelwald's solo journey when he stole the General Elder of Gregorovitch in the game Harry Potter and the Death Scenes: Part 1 -And I play young Grindelwald in the scene where Dumbledore plays; watch the Mirror of Erised.

Although Easter's eggs and links were working, others felt much more and more. threat to break continuity. The most difficult thing is that Hogwarts's Minerva McGonagall looks like. Although she is not born until 1935 and the movie that happened in 1927, she is a professor of Hogwarts not only at this time but also back when Leta Lestrange and Newt student at Hogwarts.

Musicians were divided into learning that Nagini was the Maledictus played by Claudia Kim, a bit of psychology to get the original Nagini story long & Others felt it was a tough and tough link. Nagini is in fact almost always getting a story. It serves a lot of reasons but to & # 39; maintain close relationship with Religion. If anything, the movie only does not include its story because it's a # 39; thinks that Grindelwald has a kind and kindness of character and his attitude to be so loyal to Voldemort.

The end tells of the image of Credit that thinks it is also a " Feeling like that does not work just. It's an interesting idea in the & # 39; thinks that Dumbledore's brooch brooch is his own. When you think about the age of Credit in 1927 and the time line when Dumbledore's parents died and never mentioned in canon – even when it seems that Dumbledore is "a" come clean "to Harry in Favorite Places ( in relation to the true story of Ariana – the way looks like the gateway to the unfinished pile holes. Grindelwald is more likely to lie down about the image of Credit, which uses the solution as a means of having a & # 39; Moving Credit to Dubbledore damage once and for everyone.

Onwards: Wild animals 2 will impair the effects of World War II

In some cases, Grindelwald Crimes which is a fair order Fantastic Boats And Where to Find them, Continue to enjoy and enjoy the events of the Scamander Newt. Delivering its fee for the long-term Leta Lestrange & # 39; It offers some fun links to & # 39; most of Potterverse. In many other areas, especially where Grindelwald and some worrying attachments are worried, the movie does not fall as well as its. great capacity.

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