"Big Brother Vip": Jane needs to leave the game, Monte is in the final


Walter, Martina and Stefano finish in nomination

The second Big Brother Vip program is full of eyes. At home Justine Mattera amaze her friend, Jane. A few weeks from the end, which will take place on Monday 10 December, Francesco Monte is the second final named by the boys (the first is Silvia Provvedi). Between Jean Alexander and Walter Nudo to stop the game, actress. Walter, Martina and Stefano finish in nomination. Then everyone in the cave.

"Big Brother Vip", the feelings of the second investment

GIULIA PROVVEDI: "I'm so busy" – In the House here the two groups are combined. Giulia and Francesco were the ones who suffered a & # 39; Most for the division, but Salemi says: "Sometimes the pace does not harm, it makes it clear and how important the other person is, far away. . "And the first step tronist. Giulia Provvedi is still shaken after his message; praised her lover. Ilary shows her a post written on Instagram with her & # 39; boy who affirms love. Giulia is glad to admit: "I have still engraved in my heart, but I need to be strong and think of myself, solve it outside".

JANE CREATED JUSTINE MATTERA – Justine Mattera, a friend of China for 5 years, will come into the House to surprise her. The two are gutted in tears, the tension is a & # 39; melting. The couple compare directly to the shadows. Jane says she also told Justine how unhappy she was with Gianmarco before going into the house; his friend confirms but confesses that he was sure they were only shouting with fear and anxiety to address the new genius. Justine is just and advises Jane to "think a little more before using you, you have heard this story as a fairy tale, but it is beyond the truth between different ".

JANE ANIMINATED – For Jane and Walter it's time to find out who has been removed from the program. Ilary asks the two of them to choose a companion who reads their envelope. This trip is not Blasi to express the declaration, but two who choose Alexander and Nude. It is called Martina with the actress, and Walter is chooses Andrea. She is in her daughter; Competitively left homeless. That leaves the House in general and especially with tears Martina.

THE JOKE AT MONTE E GIULIA – For Monte there is a joke. The artist is Ivan Cattaneo. Francesco, Andrea, Stefano and Walter are named in the Confessional. They show an interview with Verissimo in which Ivan says a kiss was under the cover. Francesco laughs and hers. falling behind him. Ilary shows that she is a joke; there. But Giulia is the victim, everyone needs to be coachiers. Giulia is cited in the Led room and Ilary asks if Francesco has told her everything, especially about her relationship with Ivan. They are then shown the icons of the Ivan interview but Giulia laughs. Alfonso Signorini wants: "I do not understand what to do for laughter, if I would, if you would make those statements really and ask me a question me. Francis and Ivan had a kiss with more enthusiasm than ever before. Ivan Cattaneo may have a better kiss than Giulia. " The Salemi says that this should be discussed with the person involved and falling into the house. Where he tells all his friends and then he goes to Ivan, who is calling. The singer who complains to Giulia and recites her & her; love between himself and Francesco. Ilary invites Francesco to kiss and then the joke has been released.

MONTE IS THE OUR TARKET – Cavemen must answer the question "Who does not want in the final?" Martina is the first one to choose and who is. name Walter, who makes the name of Stephen, and the model, between Giulia Provvedi and Francesco Monte, decide to make a name Giulia, trying to get the chance to get out of date. Francesco Monte enjoys the last way. Among the Casalinghi are to start Andrea who's a & # 39; making the name Benedetta, called Lory: Giulia is so worthy of her final. So it is the responsibility of everyone to decide who Giulia and Francesco are entitled to their final. Silvia Provvedi, the first final accomplishment, has a & # 39; choose Monte. The rest of the votes are collected in an urn. To win Francesco, who is the second one.

IMPORTANT WITH – This time the nominations are not played at the confessional but through games, who miss their votes. Andrea and Giulia are challenged by Francesco and Silvia and they must VIP of the team to be nominated. Martina is the name to be named. Benedetta and Giulia fought against Martina and Silvia. Benedetta and Giulia will win and go. Walter chooses. Andrea and Lory against Stefano and Martina. Andrea and Lory win the race and chose Stefano.

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