Big network, "battle" by Mr Pham Nhat Vuong


The three Pham Nhat Vuong's campaigns used dozens of major events that were never before, not just investors but also amazing. Vingroup did not take the construction and development route, which inspired the surface.

Traffic information, F1 racing at Pham Nhat Vuong F1 leader in Vietnam

In the first time, businesses that grow can become bigger, the problem is not so important, but the idea is, good plan, technology, human power and regulation.

There is also something that is also necessary as a market, users and room, and # 39; including a digital and real place. This also includes land until the project is implemented. Once you've got a place and catching people, there is an ineffective effect.

Thanh Hoa Local People's Committee has been issuing a document to guide the investments and its resources; including the VinFast to Vingroup Corporate Services site, and distributed to divisions, Committees People in suburbs and sub areas.

Thanh Hoa's work is not expected as it attracts major investors such as Vingroup to take big projects, create jobs for people and contribute to local development.

Not only is Thanh Hoa, Vingroup of Pham Nhat Vuong also submitted suggestions to find land to build VinFast Service Company in Lang Son. It is likely that this will go to many parts of the country. The aim is to build a series of VinFast service co-operatives for integrating full-of-the-art facilities for VinFast's electricity and petrol and who are going to be able to; make it ready.

Big network
Pham Pham Nhat Vuong

Each site may have up to a dozen hectares of land, and indeed it must be beautiful, crowded, high traffic areas. There is a lot of belief that Vuong & Vingroup can do this, after looking at the estate projects in Vin in the golden ground situation throughout the country.

Over a year ago, Vingroup has produced hundreds of hectares of land in Hai Phong to make VinFast and everything has been built as soon as it was promised.

Also in November, Vingroup has used a large urban area of ​​hundreds of hectares in Hanoi, including a 23-hectare university site, planned as a "city city" to meet the needs all. From interactive learning, business startup.

The series of thousands of VinMart + food shops in urban or partnership areas, VinMart supermarkets, Vincom's retail chain, or recently VinFa pharmacy chain, has a telecommunication shop chain chain A and previously the hotel series, Vinpearl's quiet tourism, … also adds to the network of Vingroup; extended extensively.

Leap Vingroup into paypayers, poured VND2,400 billion for VINID, built and taken by Vingroup.

Vingroup of Pham Nhat Vuong's biddler was a dream about something that has never been seen, with interim guidance in the last 10 years; away, the service industry will not be the most important technology, but only.

Together with the launch of the projects, Vingroup saw the scale of its & # 39; growing up, the subsidiary network was up with explosive names such as Vietnam Grand Prix, VinSmart, VinTech … the current Vingroup capital. up to $ 13 billion, equivalent to the consolidation of two large Vinamilk companies and BIDV together. Vingroup will move a lot of capital at home and abroad.

At the start of the fruit, there are businesses that can grow rapidly in large numbers. This is also the time for big businesses to break into your empire. Once you've got a place and people (land and people), it is inevitable to influence.

On stock market, fishing money helped to restore a series of stocks and the VN-Index closed nearly 920 points. However, generality is not high. In addition, the impact of the world stock market can affect the prices of Vietnam department. It may be obvious.

Some security companies (CTCK) are looking responsibly in the pre-statement.

Bao Viet Securities (BVSC) said it's likely that its market will be; Continue to move it short with the nearest target at 930 – 935 points. The strategies will continue in the future sessions.

Opposition of the session ended on November 20, VN-Index gave more 2.96 points to 919.02 points; The HNX-Index dropped 0.04 points to 103.91. General Recordings fell 0.34 points to 52.06 points. Market lending reached 200 million units worth 4.6 trillion dong.

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Rising in Paris, Pham Nhat Vuong will be improving in a big business in the country

Arising in Paris, the pham Nhat Vuong marriages broke out in the country

With the VinFast at Show Motor Paris 2018 in October, now the future motors of Klara and the Vsmart.

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