Bigg Boss 12, the Megha Dhade Abduction Competition: Deepak Thakur is an unhappy man


Megha chief executive magg 12
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"I'm very frightening and confused. I can not say that I am out," said he was a miserable poor man after being excused from Bigg Boss 12.

Megha started the show with Jasleen Matharu in a double hit on Saturday. In a special chat with, the actor was disappointed, "I was well run in Bigg Boss. I'm sure the listeners believed I was deserved to have been completed. People like Rohit Suchanti and Deepak Thakur are still in the house, as long as I and Jasleen are out. It's really tough. "

Meg was named by Bigg Boss as a punishment about his aggressive behavior regarding Deepak. Convener has moved unfair movement, she said, "It should also be punished. Although I was right to be named, he was doing it away another week was quite unfair And I'm surprised that someone is so uncommon as Deepak is still in the show, as long as I'm out. I can not believe people are voting for it. It's amazing for me to they are supporting him. I can not sleep at night and think about it. "

By highlighting the event that led to punishment, Megha said, "I want to clarify that I never did Deepak's shoe. I threw it on the floor -mach and hit Jasleen. I was not worth it but I was telling him that she was going away. Deepak made it a bigger issue. I found a punishment. People got to see my ideas but no one understood what made me go so far. He is an unhappy and no-one's respect in the house. "

She said, "Yes, I feel I should not lose my summer. It's a really funny person and I'm not at all. Even in Bigrath Boss Marathi, the whole house was in me but I stayed strong. But how long will you take that mischief and pull it out? And when someone has a & # 39; talk well about your character and chase, you must stand. While my comments were aggressive, Deepak put me in attack. "

By winning Bigg Boss Marathi, he is very sure he helped Megha in her trip but she was in a hurry. share the two scenarios with a specific portion. When asked what the biggest difference between Bigg Boss 12 and the Marine season, the actor said, "The people! In the Big Boss Marathon, most of us came from the same industry. We knew and so everyone was respected. Here, the ordinary people fought our struggle and our accomplishments. They used the word as bad abusive or shoes. Sreesanth has given a form to India. I have won an exhibition but they have fun on those things. They used it to make our very difficult motivation. "

"They never respected us even though they are in the show to become celebrities. They are lucky to have such a chance at the start of the job. We wanted to move for Years have been on display. It was very difficult to deal with the people who lost those. Fortunately, I found good friends in Sree, Dipika and Jasleen, "she said.

Megha had entered the mid season show as a wildcard competition. She decided to access that post, the activities grew much more enjoyable to the audience. "I really enjoyed doing all the tasks. I am also pleased to have received so much gratitude for being a shipbuilder. I pretend that I have been on display since the first day. I have definitely been sure, "it came to an end.

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