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Showbiz Desk: The second source of the film, Bijoya, led by Kaushik Gangopadhyay, was named as Vijaya & # 39; Two posters of this photograph were released on Monday.
Ganesh Mandal, Nasir and Padma remain the target for the audience. Visitors wait for their current information. It is said about & # 39; Bisrjan & # 39; led by Kaushik Gangopadhyay. It is worthwhile and honorable; The photograph was taken with the sunscreen box office. Did the listeners think out of the movie hall, then …? What's in Padma and Nasir? The story follows the story of Kaushik. Bijjarn & # 39; the draft & Vijaya & # 39 ;.
Padma alias Jaya Ahsan à sari, veil, vermilion of a rhyme in a poster Ganesh, aka Kaushik himself, stands behind him and looks at the Padma. Padma puts flowers in other poster hands. Nasir alias is the eyes of Abir Chattopadhyay. India-Bangladesh cultural milestones. The leader of both religions attends the love of the people. Will Nasir return to Padma's life? Get a little waiting for answers. This photograph will be released early in January.

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