Bill Mayor Blas de Blasio was hit by Amazon to stop President 2


The main democratic figures left Amazon's decision to go back from a contract to build headquarters in New York City Sunday on "Meet the Press".

Bill Mayor Blas de Blasio was hit by Amazon to suspend his HQ2 project, saying the giant was "tech" taking the ball and going home. "

His company announced in November that he would give 25,000 jobs to a large area in the western part of the neighboring city of the Long Island City.

Despite the determination of work from the project, there were local lawyers and stakeholders at the moment, especially about the company's decision to accept taxes from the state that were just around $ 3 billion. The locals also asked a question with her & # 39; company avoiding land use process.

After the announcement, Hitio hit directly, saying "you must be struggling to do in New York City," and if Amazon did not recognize the value of their home, "the competitors him. "

"I have no difficulty with my partner to review a case or want more from Amazon – I wanted more from Amazon too," said Blas de. "The line is below, this is an example of physical energy abuse. They had an agreement with the people of New York City."


In her statement announcing the deleted document, her & her; the company found that its decision was based on "a number of state and local politicians have made it clear that they face our presence and that we will not work with us to make the kind of relationships necessary for to proceed with the project. "

De Blasio identified the response as a brutal response to debates that are common to "democracy."

"They said they wanted a partnership, but their minutes had complains, they walked away," said Blasio. "What does that say to people working, that a company leaves high and dry, just because some people have criticized?"

The decision to make a & # 39; project was released by volunteer lawyers, including Producer of New York Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, and Massachusetts Sen. and 2020 Elizabeth Elite Warren.

Despite a voting call to; party, Tom Perez, Chairman of the National Democratic Committee, commented on the Democrats as a counter-industry, saying that superior lawyers did not object to business; harm.

"Democratically is a fight for shared success … moral capitalism, capitalism that recognizes when we are all successful, we are all successful," said Perez . "When their middle class succeeds, when people succeed in getting into the middle class, everyone will succeed."

"Can You Be a Socialist Democrat and for Capitalization?" Chuck Todd asked entertaining.

"Indeed," said Perez before they began the first sentence of social programs such as Medicare, formerly President Ronald Reagan, who was a socialist. "Some people try to use and misuse labels, these are the Democrats about it: we are about products."

Despite the opposition of volunteer lawyers, Blasio was in the first place to go to; manage cost to # 39; Confirmation with Amazon.

"I am representing 8.6 million people and a clear majority of those people think we need our economic balance but we really need to grow, we need jobs, we have to come forward, in, "said Blas de. "But promoters can do both."

Other supporters said that the long-term effects of the contract would further support other economic problems that he had submitted, prepared by Blasio.

"We were able to do something here for our home and for people," he said.

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