Bill Reid, Nelson's best helicopter pilot after an accident near Nelson


Bill Reid "legend" is a pilot helicopter returning to hospital after an accident and his / her death; fought with the wood fire near Nelson.

Reid got a little wound on Sunday when the helicopter made it hard ashore as it was; fought on Tasman wildlife near Glen Eves.

New Zealand's fire and emergency (FENZ) and police were called to the scene at 2.55pm. They got the helicopter and the pilot in a soft place inside their chord. The helicopter did not fire.

Nelson Nelson's Bill Nelson Reid suffered a lot of flaw after a flying helicopter was doing a hard Sunday morning.


Nelson Nelson's Bill Nelson Reid suffered a lot of flaw after a flying helicopter was doing a hard Sunday morning.

Reid was taken to Nelson Hospital with serious injuries.

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Reid Helicopters, a company with a prominent family in the area, reported to confirm that one of the helicopters was involved. He did not say what caused the helicopter to go down.

The pilot banned a monsoon bucket and made a daily call before the event, Reid Helicopters said in the statement.

Reid Helicopters refusal to say when he sent us a call Stuff Monday morning.

However, Beck Beck, the pilot of Beck Helicopters, said Bill Reid, the disaster-fighting pilot, was a world-famous helicopter operator with flying helicopters over 45 years.

He said that Reid's father, John Reid, was one of the founder of a helicopter business in New Zealand.

"The truth he did not get it [the helicopter] down and save himself means training needs to be bounced, "said Beck.

"He made a beautiful job set."

In his post on his Facebook page, Nelson MP Nick Smith praised Reid as "a story in a helicopter business", and he asked it back faster.

Reid referred to the Smith Bridges and the National Simon Simon company on the work the pilots had been on; do to spend Tasman's wild cold on Friday.

"He and other pensions have been making the handsome lions that protect people's lives and homes".

Since its inception on flying helicopters in the early 1970s, Bill Reid has been involved in deer, mountain rescue, fire fighting, heli fishing, heavyweight and film work, especially in New Zealand, but also in Hong Kong, England and Papua New Guinea.

He started Nelson Helicopters in 1983.

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