Bill to implement a simple folder for tobacco products agreed in the Parliament


SINGAPORE: New restrictions on the introduction of cigarette packaging in Singapore, following changes to the Tobacco (Advertising and sale control) Bill will be issued in the Parliament on Monday (February 11).

All tobacco products must be sold in a simple folder – in general color and with all brands, brand images and promotional information removed.

Banner names and product names will be allowed, except in color style and standard format.

Graphic health warnings also have to be at least 25 per cent higher than existing ones.

Feather sewing pack in Singapore

In moving to & # 39; Bill for second reading, Secretary of State for Health, Edwin Tong said that more needs to be done to reduce tobacco use here.

He noted that one out of five in Singapore smokes daily, and that male smoking rates are higher than Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and the United States.

More than 2,000 singers die early from smoking infections every year, he said.

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Although smoking levels have been reduced in the past with measures such as smoking prevention in specific public places, and # 39; Limiting tobacco advertising and imposing taxes, the decline has been more difficult to maintain in recent years, Mr Tong said.

"Smoking levels have changed between 12 per cent and 14 per cent in the last 10 years, without a clear pattern of ongoing decline," he said.

"It is clear that we need to do more for tobacco use among Singapore, with a view to helping to use tobacco products and reduce levels of smoking as low as possible. "

The changes to the Bill are & # 39; behind prevention of tobacco tobacco product presentations that came into effect in August 2017, as well as legislative changes to the minimum legal age for purchase, use, possession, sale and tobacco tobacco provision.

The Ministry of Health (MOH) provides a summary to industry stakeholders on the specifications proposed for its purpose; tobacco custom package and discussion of other enforcement action issues with them, Mr Tong said.

As other changes relate to tobacco products, it is likely that a preliminary introduction of nine to 12 months, he said.


Defines the focus on its & # 39; package, Mr Tong said tab packs are "at least five second comparisons".

"There is evidence that the brand pack appeal is also one of the things that encourages children and young adults to try to tobacco and to establish and maintain smoking, "he said.

An investigation carried out by the Health Promotion Board (HPB) is to evaluate the views of settlers about current and clearer packages. supporting such evidence.

The study concluded that packaging design was attractive in relation to high quality cigarettes and it seemed that young people would try to try these things, Mr Tong said that it was apparent that The abundance of "a significant minority" of non-people; smoking to try smoking.

HPB results from other local surveys also showed that Singapore's customers had a " It was considered that darker colored packs and graphic health warnings were to fill at least 75 per cent of a landlord becoming attractive. They were also seen to be more harmful to health.

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Generally the MPs who spoke on her & # 39; The Bill supports the changes, but they raised concern.

The Chairman of the Government Parliamentary Committee for Chia Shi-Lu Health said that normal packing would be increased in tobacco products. He also asked if he would "go forward", which describes something that moves from tobacco brands is more expensive to reduce market options.

On an advertisement case, the MP designated Lim Sun Sun that the big tobacco companies had a & n; mentions what she said as "socially discouraged social media" campaigns, which provides restrictions on tobacco advertising. These campaigns, she explained, impacted on social media appeals through people's images. affecting smoking in cool venues and wearing wild clothes, along with hashtags catchy.

Respondents get tight instructions on what cigarettes do they have; show how to take pictures that are not like advertising, when they should post these images for the best listeners, as well as the havehtags they need to use, said i. In one particular country, the people who had been affected by the health warnings on the tooth packs had even been told before they put the images forward.

"These black devices are designed to make young people realize that these images are the content of organic social media that just represents a youth culture," she said.

Prof Lim asked whether more effort will be made to find the use of social media with tobacco companies and e-mails. She also asked whether his ministry will work with the Singapore Advertising Standards Authority to establish more rigorous guidance on the responsibilities of social media in terms of appears in cases that support tobacco and e-commerce companies.

Advertising was also a cause of concern raised by MP Gan Thiam Poh, who asked if MOH felt that mediation needed to be done; affects the adverse effects of tobacco in all displays of videos, films or drama productions, where smoking scenes can not be prepared and cut.


Responding to MP's concerns in his full address on his / her; Bill, Mr Tong said that MOH was evaluating that the introduction of a standard package "undoubtedly contributes significantly to an increase in illegal trade in tobacco products in Singapore".

"We reached this view after careful consideration of the arguments and the evidence placed by a tobacco business into illegal trade into the public consultation," he said. Mr Tong said that the local context is also important, as the unlawful tobacco type in Singapore is largely unpaid and unpaid tobacco tickets, as well as telephones.

Tuas pockets at Tuas

A 6,000 carton of unpaid cigarettes were found in a prime passenger on Friday (18 May) at Tuas Inspection Park. (Picture: ICA)

"Due to a small small market in Singapore for cigarettes, mobile phone makers are not encouraged to sell cigarettes that are fired in Singapore," he said.

Mr Tong said that the usual package to trade declines would be small. Any trade potential for increasing the general demand could be addressed by policy measures to increase the overall price of low price ads, for example , by increasing tobacco tax.

In terms of advertising concerns, Mr. Tong said Prof Lim had raised legitimate points about the many social media. He noted, as it is, that tobacco advertising in all types of media has already been banned, but agrees that the large number of different influences and design Detectively designed designers to find and & # 39; applied much harder.

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He also said that the HPB also hosts a "huge" public education initiative that is also done online and social media.

"As well as being implemented through our rules, we also want to expand public education on the same platform, with the same access and hope that the same audience will target what these tobacco companies try to do "he said.

In terms of broadcasting media, he said there is content management for media broadcasters to work hard on smoking smoking, TVs and other media channels.

Despite that, he said that his & her; ministry to analyze its & # 39; suggestion to showcase messages or ads before showing tobacco images.

Presenting his speech, Mr Tong said that the decision was not introduced for normal packing and the increase in light of graphic health warning.

"We have considered the basic evidence available, consulted by experts in different areas, and frequenting the views of the public, has been a great deal of time, "he said, saying that his ministry recognizes the impact of the tobacco and related industries, measures to mitigate this impact.

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