Billionaire Pham Nhat Vuong launches a network security company and a & # 39; make software


Vingroup's board of directors has set up 4 subsidiary companies with a total capital of VND 390 billion for network security, technology solutions, software production and tourism.

Mr Pham Nhat Vuong

Thus, Vingroup founded a Vincss network security services company with a 20 billion hiring capital, business business research and development network security. Solventing Technology Vintern and Technology Co., Ltd., a licensed Capital of VND 300 billion, works in a range of IT services.

The third company is HMS Manufacturing and Trading Ltd., who works in a registered capital company with a VND50 billion.

Vingroup also added VND17 billion to the Puc The Investment and Stock Development Shared Stock Company with a registered capital of VND20 billion, business in property and residential services.

Earlier in October, Vingroup sent 90% of the capital to establish a company named Ha Thanh Real Estate Development and Investment JSC, with a registered capital of VND20 billion.

HMS software is based in Ho Chi Minh City. The other three companies are based in the Vinhomes River Side, where Vingroup is a chieftain.

Prior to this, in August, the Vingroup Group officially published a strategic investment in business technology with the aim of being a world-class technology, in which technology adopts -stead a & # 39; main share.

In order to achieve this objective, Vingroup Group has launched a range of responses. With its existing commercial services already, Vingroup has a & # 39; continue to inspire, & # 39; improving and improving the quality and effectiveness of the jobs.

Trading in services not only serves as financial backbone for the two new sectors, but also as an important system-system to support research and commercialization of industrial-technology materials.

With a business department, Vingroup continues to & # 39; Promoting the creation of automobiles and the manufacture of satellite and household electricity products.

At the end of this year, Vingroup will launch mobile telephones and televisions. At the same time as manufacturing, Vingroup is promoting the export of business materials to the world market.

In terms of technology, Vingroup identifies a number of important points that can lead to strong investment, and # 39; includes three main points. The first is to be & # 39; investment in human resources and infrastructure to develop software development with the establishment of VinTech Company, separated by VinSmart Company.

Vintech will focus on false information (AI), and & # 39; software creation and research and & # 39; developing new generation products.

The second point is a comprehensive investment center for research, development, the use of VinTech's high technology technology and Silicon Valley model in Hanoi.

The VinTech Home aim is to create a complete ecosystem system that is similar to Silicon Valley to start the IT service, including office and residential areas. Business Support Services.

The third point is to set up a Technological Asset Fund by using a # 39; Finding opportunities to cooperate and develop advanced technology, tech, hi-tech information projects.

As well as receiving financial support, Vingroup partners will be able to; Use the organization's ecosystem to carry out exams and commercialization.


Pham Nhat Vuong's wealthy wealthy leaflet has grown dramatically

( The VIC has been significantly expanding in a trade union yesterday, 19/11, to 96,400 each share, and its output. Vietnam's first billionaire, Pham Nhat Vuong, over 12,000 billion co.

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