Birnbaum at SodaStream is currently based in Israeli-based Cannabis technology company


Daniel Birnbaum, the CEO of the remarkable water soda SodaStream, has contributed £ 2 million ($ 553,000) to the Israeli canned company Seedo Corp. which has developed an app that will help users grow plants. T in the home.

In December, PepsiCo completed the construction of SodaStream, for $ 3.2 billion.

Seedo, which has sold their trade over the US count by the end of 2018, has a home-made fridge-like blade with sensory devices, camera and other smart technologies, as well as the app, to hold tabs. grow on the plants. progress from seed to drying.

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This is the first time that Birnbaum has been entering the cannabis area: earlier this month Cannabit Pharmaceuticals, a plant manufacturer, said Birnbaum had been part of a group of researchers. T a strategic investment in the company.

A drawing of Seedo's technology for speech growth. (Seedo)

The fully operational system at Seedo is managed and controlled by a synthetic understanding algorithm and is examined by a smartphone app, using technology already seized by Seedo for other plants, the company has set up a company says.

Seedo has been selling its systems in Canada and California, and says that their technologies enable non-pest plant plants to work in a less low-quality way.

Zohar Levy, Seedo Chief Executive, said Birnbaum will introduce the company to reach their new markets as there is interest in hemp and the medicinal properties which may be growing throughout its growth. T world rank.

In August, Cannabics Pharmaceuticals, a US-based cannabis company, said it would buy up to 20 per cent of Seedo's regions and collect them from the company. The companies said they planned to start developing a home machine and then develop a new result using the same technology to grow larger amounts of medical language at industry level.

Israel is recognized as an international leader in medical medical examination, and its cannabis companies are breaking some of its big names. In September, former minister of Ehud Barak said that he will chair InterCure, one of Israel's largest medical companies and become a public commercial company in Tel Aviv, to implement the strategy. manage the growth of the world.

Israel has taken steps in recent years to give a medical cannabis and is going to be the chief merchant of the crop. Drug use remains illegal, although recent politicians said they would consider its observation.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Monday said he would examine the possibility of legalizing cannabis, in a similar way to the increase in population figures standing with the right-wing Moshe Feiglin, who has made the case t his policeman.

Seedo has a medical license from the Ministry of Health. Cannabics is a public company based in SA that carries out research and development in Israel where it is able to carry out scientific and clinical research on cannabinoid forms.

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