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The cryptoactive market had a great experience on Friday with great benefit in bitcoin and litecoin, which led to the prevention of capital in the order at 11 billion US dollars in 24 hours. The main encryption rose by 8.34% to arrive at USD3,694, and the litecoin climbed to 30%, from USD33 to USD39.90 between Thursday and Friday.

In the last seven days, bitcoin showed a sustainable behavior, ranging from 3,390 to USD 3,480. Growth this Friday does not cause a special purpose, but It can be explained that staff who see the cryptoactive are an attractive price.

Bitcoin knew this Friday was an increase of 8% which has been announced at $ 3,694. Source: CoinMarketCap.

In a literal case, two reasons have an impact on its detail. The first is the news that the founder, Charlie Lee, has made to realize MimbleWimble to increase network privacy. The second is linked to general market growth.

In 24 hours, total market rates were reduced from 111 billion dollars, to reach the highest 122 billion dollars, which means a total growth of 10%, according to figures from CoinMarketCap. Although its market has moved to confirmation, b & # 39; It was 53% bitcoin, and XRP (ripple) followed by 10.6% and ether (ETH) with 10.3%.

The cost of literacy increased by 30% in the past 24 hours. Source: CoinMarketCap.

Other cryptoactives are important advances: a ether that gets 14.02%, EOS up 15.95%, bitcoin cash (BCH) 11.21%, cardan (ADA) 11.97% and currency (XMR) 10.86%. The largest increase of the day is recorded with the Quant project with an increase of 38.86%. In fact, the first 100 cryptocurrencies in the CoinMarketCap rating are only one of the negative ends, Aurora (AOA) with a loss of 3.71%.

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For over a year, the crypto-active market has maintained upward trends. In the last 12 months a bitcoin of $ 11,800 (20 February, 2018) was set at USD 3,234 on December 15, 2018. Although this change does not mean Just that this move has come to an end, is a signal that shows that the market is active, with tasks; analyzing behave

For analyst Willy Woo, the motion is not yet enough. In a tweet spread On January 15, he said the handbook must be reinforced "at present it is very difficult, which is equivalent to" eliminating "for the fight negatively knocked down below.

Behavior that may be considered as a sign of this move is that major investors are able to; Collect more cryptocurrencies in the middle of a market. An analysis by the company of Diaria is show that the sails that store many of our weavers; shows an increase of 80%, for example.

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