Bitcoin Bitcoin started in a series, removing the "mine" out of its & # 39; market! South Westerly


Bitcoin: It's also known as Bit Gold, it's a network networking money. It has been a focus on the attention of many people in the early years. But recently, Bitcoin's problem and a group of finite-executed financial funds appear to be very tight.

According to recent market news, Bitcoin has begun to gain continuous knowledge. On the afternoon of November 20, Bitcoin dropped down the $ 4,300 defense line, and in just 24 hours, it fell by over 17%.

It is believed to be the "mining owners" that is; Falling in bitcoin prices, because bitcoin prices have gone to the cost of multi-mobile mineral machinery, so that small and medium sized mines have chosen to clean the market. The reason is that today's current bitcoin prices have enabled m & meet. The advantages of mining are not enough to pay for electricity and regulation. This caused exactly some small and medium-sized mines in Xinjiang and within Mongolia. I think engineer's price was up to 21,000 years ago, and now the tariff is only 1,000 yuan.

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However, due to BCH's power war, Bitcoin's computing power fell by 8% from higher. So although some people have gone out of their marketplace, there are some who have been in the marketplace. going to buy other mineral appliances. This is what people often say in the investment market. Do people have a leave me


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