"Bitcoin Bulls $ 250,000!", Rory & Last Move, Binance and Ethereum Separation



The editor of the 2013 edition of Bitcoin Explained Simply co still believes that Bitcoin can see the third increase and see $ 250,000. The next podcast podcast Billion Seconds, Mark Jeffrey, compared to the market; market behavior to the dot-com wall, opened in 2000.

Yok I think it's not quite different from rising and dot dot at the end of the 90s like early years 2000. In a world crypto, we went through a tighter time than the similar process.

I thought people were happy and too open, and then they were scared. However, there are similar differences and dimensions in the traditional sectors, not specifically for crypto. I think it's a # 39; especially affecting the world of crypt

This is not the end of the story. This is not the middle, the second curtain. The Third Curtain is Back to the Jedi. Üçüncü


Ripple blockchain gave $ 2 million to Kansan University to open a new program designed to monitor crypt cash and digital payment methods.

Cak The gift gives $ 400,000 annually for 5 years to the Kansas Engineering University Information and Communications Technology Center. The University of Kansas will determine their focus and focus. When necessary, Ripple will work with students and staff at the University of Kansas. İhtiyaç

The Kansas Ripple University's new project is one of 11 universities supported by the University's Blockchain Researh Initiative.

Slabh Binance

Binance CEO, Changpeng Zhao, said his team had been working extensively to their own jobs (Binance Chain) and their final stock exchange (BINance DEX) every two weeks or smaller.

Binance will take a & # 39; his local signal to Binance Shin, who receives Binance Coin (BNB) from the Ethereum network.

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