Bitcoin copper was added to the lowest level since 2017


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NYSE works with Starbuck to open a bitcoin payment application. Art work: AFP / VNA

Bitcoin price cuts began on November 14, which dragged down market capitals to less than $ 90 million for its $ 39 million. the first time in more than a year. Traders said they sold a lot of Bitcoin because of fear of the danger of dividing the money into two different money, a process that traders are like. often referred to as "hard".

The value of Bitcoin has also made a huge impact on other funds, such as ethereum and ripple.

Bitcoin is a digital money that was released in an open source software format. These monies were first introduced in 2009 with one or a mystery group of the name called Satoshi Nakamoto, which was just a penny. Bitcoin can be moved directly with a device connected to the internet without any international financial institution.

With such important features as an anonymous, unpaid business, Bitcoin gets more and more involved. Bitcoin can be used as an alternative to goods and services or other exchange of money, as long as the other party is willing to accept the & # 39; this matter. The value of my own funds rose to a record in December 2017, with a bitcoin of $ 19,511

At this time, Bitcoin money has not been sold at large banks around the world, as many think the money is an illegal trading tool.
In terms of a huge reduction in the money, the Financial Action Agency (FATF), based in Paris (France), believes that the money is still at risk of terrorism to take advantage. so governments should work together to address this digital risk.

According to FATF, although it has the potential to develop hard money and services related to efficiency and financial innovation, they also offer criminals and rebels opportunities to fund money or give money for the activity any. legal.

In March, G20 finance ministers have asked FATF to assess real-money, especially how they will direct the electronic money. With the rules for traditional financial jobs. The use of real money without demonstrating their identity is now a responsibility for governments, as illegal actions such as cashflake, terrorist support and tax resolution are easier.

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