Bitcoin does not fall to $ 5,000 / coin, investors want "Lao Dong" online line. LAODONG.VN


It is the best-known best-known world in the world that will be broken up through a year base.

Bitcoin copper prices are currently $ 4883.09 per base. In just a week, Bitcoin's value has fallen by 22%, and for its entirety Bitcoin has hit "65% of its value.

Bitcoin's money has shown consistency since this week after a stable month. Bitcoin sells at around $ 6,400 in October, a slide that came from a stand-up from the beginning of the year, bringing the money out of their global market. From this Thanksgiving holiday this November, Bitcoin has lost 30% of the value.

The price of Bitcoin has risen significantly after last year's holiday, when it became very popular and became a hot topic for many investors. Dhreap Bitcoin went to $ 10,000 in October last year and reached nearly $ 20,000 at Christmas time.

Bitcoin price list for the last month.
Bitcoin price list for the last month.

Bitcoin's popularity has grown significantly, and will bring forward future Bitcoin contracts. When Bitcoin reaches its highest level, Bitcoin tickets are officially traded on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) and are listed on Exchange Options Options (CBOE).

Earlier this week, Bitcoin prices in the next two months have been lowered since the money was launched. Bitcoin income fell to the CME to $ 5,015 / med, and bitcoin contracts fell on the CBOE to $ 4,990 / base.

Another major money was also great this week and they were even worse than this year's Bitcoin. In particular, the XRP, the second largest money with a market card, fell by 5% on Monday, ethereum fell by over 13%. Last week, the value of $ 40 billion of real money was swept away. Only in the first trading session on Monday, market capitalization has been on & # 39; tolls 172 billion USD.

Analysts said that the money sold out of bitcoins and a market stop order was made after the drop-down dropped by $ 6,000.

Experts will make Bitcoin strive for $ 5,000 per base, but if not, Bitcoin prices can drop to $ 3,500 per coin.

According to experts, Bitcoin prices are influencing new warnings from Benoit Coeure members of the Board of European Bank Operations at the International Settlement Bank in Basel.

"Bitcoin is a very quick idea. Unfortunately, it is not a good idea in all the satirical ideas. In many ways, bitcoin is a danger to the crisis finance, "said Coeure.

The expert also agrees with the opinion of Agustin Carstens, International Bank Chief Executive (BIS), saying: "The combined numbers of stomach, multi-level, Ponzi fraud . and an environmental disaster. "

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