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As well as advances in science and technology, 2018 was also able to see the outcomes that had been achieved; leaving and becoming increasingly pregnant.

It's a year of technological sadness in 2018, and including social networks, Facebook publishing, or Elron Musk's speech.

Logan Paul and YouTube to talk

YouTube has suffered a series of channels by the end of 2017 when a series of videos is led by children who are targeting children. Earlier this year, the social network continued to become the chief of one of the most famous creators, Logan Paul.

On 31 December 1974, Logan Paul sent a controversial video. In video, he went to "self-fatal forest" in Japan and returned to self-design information.

Logan Paul's video is aware of creating a wave of amara, asking for YouTube to be counted away.

Less than 24 hours later, a wave of community activists attacked Paul's Logan for his video. Ron Jan 10, 1818, YouTube officially removed Paul Logan from the list of promotional promotional creators. Her other contract has also been deferred.

However, less than a month later, Logan Paul was back on YouTube. So far, its channel is still active with millions of ideas per video.

Content publishing on YouTube is also causing legal difficulties for the company. In April 2018, 20 child protection groups sent a letter to the US Federal Commercial Trade Commission (FTC) and complained that a company had a & # 39; monitor children's information and make money from targeted ads. children.

The screen featured 87 million Facebook users

Earlier this year, Facebook Mark Zuckerberg's Chief Executive said his goal was to bring sustainability to Facebook. At this point, it can be said that the target has been completely abandoned.

In March 1818, the New York Times, the Guardian and the Observer investigated the spread of Facebook data. About 87 million users have published information such as census names, emails, bugs and friends.

A series of paintings by Mark Zuckerberg was made for a mock when he confirmed in the US Congress in April 1818. Photograph: Reuters.

Not stopping there, Cambridge Analytica's publishing partner has been involved in the 2016 election from US President Donald Trump. Facebook also published that it found a case of three years ago, but did not publish it. Finally, Zuckerberg must give evidence against the US Congress.

After the US Congress, the Facebook Commander would also have to take evidence in the European Parliament in May 2018. Here, the billion people are continuing to go to; fight hard questions. Most lawyers have a dispute with the Zuckerberg cam response. Not to stop there, so far 8 countries have asked to question the international hearing of Mark Zuckerberg.

Cambridge Analytica is not the only event that misses ten million millions of Facebook users. On September 25, there is another danger in the "look like" feature, which allows faxiers to carry consumer accounts with code markers. This is a very difficult attack and the dragger will get the directories code directly from Facebook and not through a third party application.

Directly, Facebook accounts for 50 million bills were just re-positioned, with 40 million "complex" accounts. In total, 90 million people will have to log in to Facebook on their devices, and just a few days later, when Facebook published.

If we can not solve the problems of materials, Facebook also shows how "communication" is dirty to criticize the opponent. The New York Times researcher shows Facebook activists have used many tools such as peers, connecting, expressing criticism … to take care of the company and make Our opponents share the same criticism from the public as well as lawyers.

After a year of bad weather, Facebook has lost many high-tech employees. Alex Stamos, Facebook's top security officer on 2 August. Facebook lawyer Colin Stretch has retired, but since then he returned to 2019.

However, the two main actors of the company, Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg and COO Sheryl Sandberg, are still in post.

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Bitcoin roofs and drop without brakes

"Highs" and "pool pool" are the best words to describe Bitcoin last year.

This digital money was born with its desire to & # 39; including traditional money, but it has been a mystery money. Bitcoin prices have not been ruled over, which is influenced by facts from financial markets. By the end of 2017, Bitcoin prices came to a top of $ 19,500, Bitcoin is not priced at this time $ 5,500South Westerly

Bitcoin is now just a spirit, for example on the future of a digital cash tab. Follow Bitcoin, many start-up companies are opening to take advantage of Blockchain technology, but very few companies are doing well. In Vietnam, there have been many issues of illegal use of digital money such as iFan, Bitconnect.

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Uber car went on to die

On March 19, Uber's car gave a dead death at 10pm. A person was sitting in the driver's seat at the time, but he did not. He was noticed, and the accident happened while the car was traveling at a speed exceeding 60 km / h.

After the investigations, the Arizona police and Transportation Department (UHS) decided that Uber had disbanded the emergency grid system in the & # 39; carriage. This is the first time and time; A self-caring car that hit a pedestrian and causing adverse effects. He has to stop his lap on his / her; car driver program.

Elon Musk is not familiar with social boundaries

Tesla, a founder of Tesla, has been active in social networks, and has often made Twitter debates. But in 2018, Musk must try twice and even & # 39; and influencing his speech.

In July 2018, Elon Musk proposed a boat that was developed by Tesla to save the "Wild Pig" team in the cave in Thailand. But his offer was not welcomed, and a summary was also given to him. In response, Elon Musk is calling Vernon Unsworth yellow.

In 2018, Elon Musk took hold of several "mouthwash" scandals on Twitter. He also shared his tiredness when spending too much time working. Photograph: Bloomberg.

After having so many negative problems, Elon Musk had to be excused to Unsworth, confessing that he was too wild.

Less than a month later, Elon Musk got out of the tweet again. When he was sitting on the mail to his & # 39; Airport on August 7, sent a message on Twitter: "Thinking about Tesla turning to a $ 420 companyThe post is the money. "

This tweet then made many people argue about their ability. Elon Musk was also investigated and the Commission of Trustees and Commerce (SEC) of the crime was arrested. This time, not only are there enough apologies. Musk has to step down as a president of Tesla, and the tram company finished $ 20 million As there are no steps to monitor Elon Musk's postage on social networks.

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Google and genetic harassment in Silicon Valley

In October 1818, the New York Times published an article that showed that Andy Rubin, who created a Android operating system and a senior Google employee. $ 90 million to leave his company, after being expressed on sexual distress by other staff.

Not only is Andy Rubin, many of the Google management executives identified by the NY Times as female workers who are sexually harassed.

Google San Francisco staff member signaled, "I mentioned the event and was encouraged." Photograph: Reuters.

This article is caused by your Google staff devolution. On November 1, Google staff in many offices around the world stopped work, collecting and selling. launching a slogan against the sexual disturbance of the workplace.

Cited as Google Walkout, the company is the first official statement by Silicon Valley staff against generic contraction. Sundar Pichai Chief Executive sent a message to support the Google Walkout move.

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