Concerns about the regulation of criptowatt and disputes within the community of Bitcomin users were hitting the most-loved cryptowatt, which today lost 10 per cent of the value.

So today, for the first time since October last year, Bitcoin fell under the magic hub of 5,000 US dollars for one piece of border.

The final value was added due to the struggle between the Bitcoin and the "miners" developers called their development as well as the cryptool and thus "split" it into two part.

bitcoin November 20, 2018

Price Price for the dollar, from 2016 to the present day.

Bitcoin was reinforced in 2017. In January last year, it is worth just over 1000 dollars, and its price rises to almost 19,000 dollars with one bitcoin before December.

The first break started at the beginning of the year. Ron Gearran, bitcoin value fell to over $ 7,000, but then, with some exceptions, most of the time ranged between $ 6,000 and $ 7,000 for a single base.

Bitcoin has already lost 66% of its value for the dollar from the beginning of the year.