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Bitcoin fell from the previous day (20th) and dropped below $ 4,300. The 24 hour watch saw another 10%. After Bitcoin cash hard dollars, the weekly decline is more than 30%. In addition to the loss of heavy investors, because its price has fallen under the cost of mining, the miners complaining that many small and medium-sized mines in China's mainland can not be melted.

Bitcoin released a crazy rally in 2017, with almost $ 20,000 US dollars, but its output low-cost drop that is not slow, and the fall is offset; high point over 75%. After releasing the value of money, he could not afford many mines; meet each other and need to resell the second-hand mining machine.

Bitcoin Price for last week (chart taken from choindesk)
Bitcoin Price for last week (chart taken from choindesk)

Lu Media said a mining machine with a price of 20,000 yuan in the last minute at its price of just 1,000 yuan. After mining some bitcoin mines, they put them up in the yard and sold at scrap iron price.

In addition to the miners, during the hot bitcoin last year, there were also several computer platforms. Today, some of the platforms also show publications. According to a platform called the Quality of Excellence, since the S9 contract had been able to pay for regulatory costs and to pay electricity costs for 10 days thereafter from 7 November, 2018 to 16 November 2018. According to the Agreement Computing Powers Service, if the income is enough for a 10-day contract to pay its regulatory fee and electricity, it will be terminated. the contract of calculations automatically.

The most unnatural thing for investors is that there is no mark for stopping in the downturn; at the moment in the bitcoin.

The global leader of ADM Investor Services International, Marc Ostwald, said that bitcoin prices are still falling below $ 6,000. Low quality prices are not low, and there are more responsibilities that are; sales stopped stopping market loss.

In addition to hard folds, regulatory issues have also put pressure on market ideas. Friday American Stock Exchange declared that it imposed civil penalties on two companies who had a feeling that did not; record their ICO materials as securities.

Under Bitcoin, other competitions in other competitions, including Ethereum, Ripple, and Litecoin, have seen a big sale, with a drop of 24 hours at least 10%.

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