Bitcoin is less than $ 4,000, Bakkt will welcome future, smaller mining and more Christianity


This week, the market news became the biggest interest due to the continued drop in bitcoin price and cryptocurrencies, which broke the $ 4,000 barrier over the weekend. So, the feeling of the partners in the cryptometer is to # 39; translating or opposing, having regard to behavior; market.

Most notable news include:

  • The Spanish State Tax Administration Agency set out about 15,000 taxpayers working with parameters, after finding out about the jobs with cryptocurrencies of customers of banks, exchange houses, transitors and companies that allow cryptoactives supposition.
  • The Bakkt company completed the bitcoin contracts for 24 January 2019 announced for sale on 12 December. According to Bakkt, his Chief Executive, Kelly Loeffler, is due to this You have plans to add new features to the product.
  • The investors' atmosphere is related to falling in prices to decrease between & # 39; removal and opposition (preservation). According to Santiment information the words in English scattered and chapters they noticed in groups of Telegram and Reddit, although the words are hodl and kept They showed much more activity than the previous ones.
  • On November 21, Uffold platform users received a fraud post replacing the company's official campus. A coupon was given to the post for a 15% repayment of its property, during Black Friday. A total of USD 2,400 was recorded and sent to the formal speech.


  • A report on the Middle Arab Emirates Central Bank states that the project is delivering digital money from the country's leading bank into its stage of design and it would be ready by mid-2019. The purpose of its plan is to allow cross-border payments between a certain number of banks.
  • The level of hash or processing power of the networks of the key trigger movements is to show; reduced with market prices. A sign that some miners they have been disconnected their device able to fund their daily activities.
  • The downward trend in bitcoin prices continued in November 24, when the cruelty broke the US $ 4,000 obstacle, sold at USD 3,813.86, which represents a 11.85% reduction.
  • Argentine penalty was convicted two years imprisonment for stealing 500 healers from a sales platform in December 2017. The expenses for the sentence he received "computer fraud"And" divorce secret and identity ".

In this way, the week was very active in cryptographic market events, when it returned to an endless. Although the news on management plans and the progress of projects related to bitcoin derivatives and cryptoactive technology show that the ecosystem is a. move on.

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