Bitcoin level fell: bitcoin-oracle published the preview for six months, the borderline – economic news


The Bitcoin course for the following six months will vary between 3-5 thousand. To buy cryptocurrency at this time it's too dangerous.

About this in the CNBC broadcasting channel, the President of the Civilian Winnie Lingham, also known as "bitcoin oracle" in the US. "I believe that the dangers now in any situation are more than the growth opportunities in the short term. In the future there will be better opportunities. You can give a little more if you buy You are at $ 5.7-6 miles, but you'll be less likely to be involved in the fact that Bitcoin can rise to these levels and fall again, "- said the Civic Chief.

Sharp's rapid decline has fallen:

At the same time, Lingham believes that it does not fall below $ 3,000. At the same time, in the view, the current decline is not linked to the problems of developing structural elements, but with the beautiful hopes of partners in the market.

Remember: as OBOZREVATEL wrote earlier, Bitcoin dropped to a lower $ 3.5 thousand signal from 2017. With a detrimental effect, lowering the level of preference to them from the beginning of 2018 to reach the maximum less of a psychic market for her & market – the lowest rate of year.

At the same time, the Tim Draper campaigner is confident that Bitcoin's level is $ 250 thousand by 2022.

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