Bitcoin Sale: Cryptomena crashed down, even why you do not know economy


Clips that continue to fall. Confidence in this new resource class is currently blocked from the US government intervention. The bitcoin rate on Tuesday fell below $ 4225 (€ 3697.38) to 13 months low. The sale also applies to other digital funds such as ethereum, litecoin and ripple. In the evening, bitcoin 7.9 per cent and ethereum, litecoin and ripple lost around 9 per cent.

Cryptomeni market value fell by $ 700 billion from its height in January, according to On the other hand, trading in basic markets has risen significantly, where investors can tackle a bitter bank.

According to experts, it is not entirely clear what the current sale is boosted after months of comparative stability. The sale started just before dividing a silver bitcoin to two money. The regulatory authorities also adversely affect the enjoyment of the & # 39; cryptome market.

The United States Security and Commerce Commission has nominated taxes for two companies in the business that did not record the main digital pensions as securities. And Bloomberg said on Tuesday that the United States Department of Justice is a " Investigating whether it's almost a great deal last year in cryptomanias last year when traders successfully volunteered the bitcoin course through the tether money.

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